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  • Ghee is a clear golden brown oil with a characteristic flavour of milk fat. It has a high demand for domestic use, as an ingredient for local food products such as bakeries and confectionary manufacturers and as an export commodity.
  • Ghee is manufactured from white butter which is prepared from pasteurized cream separated from good
    quality of raw milk. Butter is churned and then melted in the vat after which it is cooked in Ghee kettle.
    After settling in Ghee kettle it is clarified. Clarified ghee is then taken in ghee storage tank for final filling.
  • The main quality factors for ghee are colour, clarity, flavour and odour. Correct colour and clarity are mainly due to proper filtering. The taste, colour and odour are determined by the
    time/temperature of heating. Overheating produces a burnt taste and odour and a dark colour
  • According to recent data, India exported desi ghee worth USD 1,248,639 with total quantity of 131,578. Pakistan is the largest buyer of desi ghee accounting for exports worth USD 453,832 followed by United Arab Emirates and Russia which imported desi ghee worth USD 375,439 and USD 133,735 respectively.
  • Health Benefits of Ghee
  • Ghee Processing
  • Milk processing Project
  • Milk based project
Machinery Sources
  • Equipment from Pune
  • Ghee equipment & plant - India
  • List of plant & machinery suppliers


  • Consultant - Technical
  • Institute of technology
  • Consultant in Noida


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  • Company performance
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Quality Control

  • Grading & Marketing Rules
  • Product specification
  • Quality & shelf Life
  • Packaging Ghee
  • Detection of adulteration
  • Quality analysis
  • Ghee storage
  • Quality standard
  • Codex standard
Environment & Regulations
  • Analysis of manufacture of Ghee
Market Scenario
  • Dairy & Products - 2015
  • Consumption Survey
  • Brands - consumption pattern
  • Dairy Plants in India
  • Dairy Technology expo
  • Herbal Ghee
  • Import Duty
  • Bulk Purchaser
  • Exports from India
  • Import of pure Ghee into India
  • Ghee packing tins


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