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  • There are many ways to make raw
    jackfruit available as vegetable for off-season
  • During heavy monsoon, fresh vegetables are scarce. On such occasions, this brined raw jackfruit comes in handy
  • Brining the raw jackfruit is a traditional practice in Coastal Dakshina Kannada and neighbouring districts
  • Brined unripe Jack carpel is made exclusively for domestic purposes
  • Brined raw jackfruit is a favorite of Jains too. On the eve of weddings and auspicious celebrations, they prepare a special type of stir fry from this.
  • There is tremendous scope for small
    household scale industry in brining raw jackfruit. This is low-tech, low investment affair and is suitable for SHGs
 General Information
  • Cultivation and Value Addition
  • Post Harvest Management and Value Addition of Jack fruit

Production and Processing

  • Product Development
  • Raw jackfruit Bhaji
  • Technical Details
  • Technical manual
  • Jackfruit Products

Salt Brine

  • Brining the raw jackfruit
  • Measurement
  • Measuring Salt solution
  • Preparing a Saltbrine


  • Jackfruit promotion council
  • Canning in Sugar syrup
  • Dried Green Jack Fruit & Jack Pickle
  • Dehydration of jackfruit


  • High Quality Natural Fresh Fruit 425g Canned Jack Fruit


  • Economics & Marketing

Manufacturers and Suppliers

  • Companies in Thailand

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