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  • Lard is pig fat in both its rendered and unrendered forms. lard was commonly used in many cuisines as  a cooking fat or shortening, or as a spread similar to butter.
  • Edible commercial lard, used for hardening agents, shortening cocoa butter substitutes and cooking oils, contains a high levels of cholesterol.
  • To study the effects of five different factors, 100 ml mixture of different ratios of lard to distilled water (3:1, 2:1,1:1, 1:2 or 1:3) was placed in a 250 ml beaker & different concentrations of β-CD (1, 3, 5, 7 or 9%) were added.
  • The range of cholesterol removal was from 92.08 to 92.38% when the lard was
    mixed with 5% cross linked β-CD at 150 rpm for 1 h.
  • The main goal of the present research was to evaluate the physical properties of blends of lard and soybean oil modified by enzymatic interesterification catalyzed by two different commercial (microbial) lipases
  • The presence of high levels of cholesterol in lard has been a barrier to good acceptance of the use of the product in the formation of blends for formulating processed foods.
  • Lard and tallow were purchased from the local market and rendered
    in the laboratory.
  • Lard may be transformed into biofuel and used directly in an engine or in a conventional burner.
  • Lard was fractionated into olein and stearine, and lard olein was further refined.
  • Lard is the fat rendered from fresh, fatty pork tissue.
    Lard is usually suitable for use as a food fat without further treatment if fatty tissues are handled and rendered properly.
  • Lard is used, for hundreds of years, as a major fat for cooking.
  • Physical properties of structured lipids from lard.
  • Cholesterol Removal from Lard with Cross linked β-Cyclodextrin.
  • Comparison of Four  Accelerated Stability Methods for Lard.
  • Environment and health of lard.
  • Detection of Lard Mixed with Body Fats.
  • Differentiation of lard and other animal fats.
  • Systematic investigation of lard polymorphism.


  • Bees wax and lard oil.
  • Cuvan lard.
  • Msds of stripped.
  • Msds of lard oil.
  • Lard oil Msds.
  • Pure lard of Msds.
  • Lard, stripped Msds.


  • Composition comprising a consulfurized blend of lard oil and an olefin.
  • Lard flavor concentrate.
  • Leaf lard starter.
  • Leaf lard remover.
  • Process for optically determining the meat-to-lard-ratio in for instance slaughtered animals.
  • Chemical reaction product of sulfur, lard oil and polyisobutylene.

Company profiles

  • Company from India.
  • Company from China.
  • Company from New York.
  • Company from US.
  • Suppliers from India.
  • Suppliers from China.
  • Suppliers from1 China.
  • Suppliers from Hang Zhou.
  • Suppliers from Malaysia.
  • Suppliers from New Delhi.
  • Suppliers from New York.


  • Consultancy from Australia.
  • Company from Korea.


  • Study of Thermal Energy Production by Combustion of Lard.
  • Potential of conductance measurement for lard detection.
  • The Positional Distribution of Fatty Acids in Palm Oil and Lard Influences.
  • Studies on the effect of dietary fish oil on the
  • Lipase-catalysed acidolysis of lard with caprylic acid.
  • Reduction of Cholesterol in Lard.


  • The Multi purpose beauty product.
  • Index of wholesale prices of pork product and lard.
  • Product of leaf lard.
  • Product of lard.
  • Products and market of lard.


  • How to use lard.
  • The truth about lard.
  • Uses of lard in cooking.
  • Lard has clearly won the health debate.


  • Oil, Lard market research  report 2012.
  • Draft standards for named animal fats.
  • Final result on the safety assessment of lards.
  • Fatty acids profile.
  • Report chart of lard.



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