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  • Livestock is an important component of any country
  • Reproductive efficiency is the most economically important trait in Dairy animals
  • The profit obtained from milk and meat is directly related to the fertility of the respective farm
  • There are two ways of breeding of farm animals, naturally and by artificial insemination.
  • There are very few large farmers, who raise the breeding bulls
    specifically for their own herds.
  • Artificial insemination program has now gained much acceptance and popularity among livestock breeders and farmers all over the world
  • The project is for establishing a semen production unit , where the adult bulls of good genetic background are maintained. Semen from the bulls is collected and after laboratory evaluation, semen is diluted and packed.
  • The deep-freezing of the semen in liquid nitrogen is carried out for the preservation of spermatozoa for longer periods.
  • This semen is then utilized for artificially inseminating the female animals for improving the breed of the offspring, ultimately leading to better milk and meat yields.
 General Information
  • Development of Dairy Sector


  • Semen Collection and Analysis
  • Sperm Biotechnology
  • Semen Extenders
  • Artificial insemination in Cow
  • Semen progressive motility
  • Semen Handling
  • Semen Storage
  • Semen Preservation
  • Processing & Storage
  • Semen Tank
  • Modern semen evaluation techniques
  • Minimum Standards for Production of Bovine Frozen Semen

Project Information

  • Livestock Semen Production - project outline
  • Economics of Improving Reproductive Performance in Dairy Herds


  • Breeding & Veterinary services
  • Livestock Reproduction Specialists
  • Certified Semen Services
  • Health Certificate
Company Profiles
  • Company in Canada

Supplier s

  • Frozen Animal Semen suppliers from India


  • Canadian  Bulls
  • Imported Cow Semen
  • Imports into India
  • Semen collection and storage centres - Netherlands
  • Semen Collection and Storage Centres
    Bovine Semen Storage Centres - UK
  • Regulatory Issues
  • Sanitary requirements


  • Reproductive Management of
    Dairy Cattle
  • Sexed Semen Field Research Trial
  • Semen Freezing, Storage and Shipping Agreement
  • Semen Management

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