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  • Industrial lubricants include hydraulic fluids; metalworking fluids; marine, railroad, and aviation piston engine oils; compressor and refrigeration oils; turbine and circulating oils; greases; and industrial gear oils. Power generation, marine, chemicals, automotive, and other manufacturing, railways and metals are the leading end-use industries in the industrial lubricants market segment
  • India is the third largest lubricant market globally in volume terms, behind US and China. It is a crucial market for the global lubricant industry, accounting for over 5.5% of global automotive lubricants demand and over 4% of industrial lubricants demand. In value terms, the overall market is pegged at USD4bn
  • The main raw material involved in manufacture of lubricating oils is the base oil, and it typically forms over 70% of the material consumed for manufacturing the lubricating oils
  • Many of the critical raw materials for lubricants business are imported on account of non-availability in the domestic market
  • The lubricant market is highly competitive and consists of a large number of players including the state owned oil companies, large multinational players as well as local manufacturers
  • Changes in Government policy, changes in interest rates, revision of duty structure, changes in tax laws, changes in environmental regulations and emission norms etc. may have an adverse impact on the profitability of the projects Approvals, licenses, registrations and permits for operating the businesses are required
  • Strong focus on brand building, product innovations, marketing and OEM tie ups are required to capture good amount of market share

About Lubricants

  • Lubricants for the Agriculture
  • Food-grade Lubricants
  • Guide to Oils and Greases
  • Motor Oil

Technology sources

  • Lubricant Composition in Engine Component Systems
  • Oil analysis - Hand book

Project Information

  • Small scale Lube Oil Blending Plant
  • Project Brief
  • Consultant - technical
  • Handling & Storing Lubricants
  • Cost Efficiency Index for Lubricants Production Plants
  • Project Consultant
  • Project Engineering
  • Achieving Productivity
  • Lubricant Testing Solutions

Lubricant Basic Oil

  • About Base Oils
  • Base Oil Considerations
    for Industrial Lubes
  • Base Oils - properties
  • Base Oil - msds
  • Base Oil Production - Technology
  • Base oil Manufacturer
  • Base Oil catalogue


  • Lubricating Oil Additives
  • Jojoba Oil as additive
  • Anti-Wear Properties of Benzoic Acid in Karanja Oil
  • Catalogue of additives


  • Lubricants Oil Bottles
  • Plastic Packaging
  • Lubricant Storage, Stability,
    and Estimated Shelf Life


  • Lubricant Additives & Environment

Blending Machinery

  • Lub Oil Blending plants
  • Blending plant suppliers
  • Lube oil blending plants

Turnkey Provider

  • Turnkey plant supplier
  • Design, engineering and supply of lubricants and greases manufacturing plants

Companies in the field

  • Indian company - performance
  • Performance of company
  • Company Information
  • Company - credit rating
  • Company in Pakistan

Market Demands

  • Indian Industry scenario
  • India Lubricant Industry profile
  • Lubricant oil additive Industry
  • Lubricant Oil management system
  • Pit Shop
  • News Bulletin
  • Global Lubricants Service
  • Consultant - market reports
  • Consultant - market research

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