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Project at a Glance Contents on the CD ROM
  • Biodiesel is the fuel for Diesel engines created by the chemical conversion of animal fats or vegetable oils
  • Biodiesel is a fuel
    designed as a blendstock for use in blending with petroleum diesel fuel
  • Biodiesel has been proven to reduce the emissions of hydrocarbons, carbon monoxide and particulates when used alone or with
    blends that include petroleum diesel.
  • Biodiesel has excellent
    lubricity properties and is typically low in sulfur content, thus meeting the needs of the EPA and new generation fuels
  • Biodiesel is typically produced by the reaction of a vegetable oil or animal fat with an alcohol such as methanol or ethanol in the presence of a catalyst to yield mono-alkyl esters (biodiesel) and glycerin
  • The conformance of the product to the ASTM
    specifications is a requirement for any and all tax incentives and credits.
  • Due to the handling of hazardous materials and large quantities of flammable chemicals during the reaction, the production of biodiesel should only be undertaken by trained
  • Federal, state and local laws may exist that require special permits for the production and handling of fatty acid methyl esters and the components used to manufacture such.

About Biodiesel Blends

  • Biodiesel Blends
  • Use of Biodiesel Blends over 5% (B5)
  • Mixed Blends


  • Biodiesel Blend
    Methods - Equipment - Supplies
  • Additive for biodiesel blends
  • Blending of Ethanol and Bio-Diesel

Project Information

  • Design and Installation of Biodiesel Systems
  • Feasibility Report - Small Scale Biodiesel
  • Possibility for transportation & space heating
  • Biodiesel Demo Project in
    the forestry and construction industry


  • A Bio diesel Blend
    Handling Guide
  • Small Test Batches

Blending Machinery

  • Biofuels Blending Skids
  • Complete Skid Packages for Ethanol and Biodiesel Blending
  • Instruments
  • Biodiesel equipments
  • Biodiesel Process Equipment

Turnkey Provider

  • Biodiesel Projects
  • Training Offer


  • Biodiesel blends & emission issues

Biodiesel Technology

  • Biodiesel - Technical Information
  • Preparing biodiesel from fish oil
  • Pyrolysis oil from wood
  • Use of Jatropha Biodiesel
  • Diesel Engine Fuelled with Biodiesel extracted from Karanja Oil
  • Mahua Biodiesel Blends
  • Peanut Based Bio-Diesel
  • Sunflower and Peanut Bio-Diesel Blends

India Scenario

  • National Policy on
  • Indian Market Scenario
  • Progress Made
  • The sale of bio-diesel (B-100) for blending with high speed diesel to bulk consumers
  • Implementation of Biodiesel blending in diesel in Railways
  • Biodiesel for Indian Railways
  • Biofuel Promotion
    in India for Transport
  • The study of causes of non-popularity of biodiesels in vehicular applications in India
  • Taxation issue

Market Demands

  • The experience with biodiesel in Europe & USA
  • Biofuels in India:
    Potential, Policy & Outlook
  • Biofuel Scenarios for India
  • Edible Oil Outlook 2014
  • International Biofuel Trade
  • Profitability of Biofuels Production in Ethopia
  • Supply Chain management

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