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  •  Magnesium Stearate contains the equivalent of not less than 6.8 % and not more than 8.3 % of MgO and is a mixture of pure Stearic Acid and Palmitic Acid where the content of Stearic Acid is not less than 40% and the sum of the two acids is not less than 90 %
  • The primary use of Magnesium Stearte is as a pharmaceutical excipient, which means it is among the FDA list of 40 official categories of excipients.
  • Thermostable magnesium stearates are used as lubricants and release agents for the processing of thermoplastics
    and thermosets.
  • The main uses are: lubricating properties, separating properties, water repellence, gelling capacity, stabilizing effect, foam inhibition, acid scavenger
  • Magnesium stearate occurs naturally as a fatty acid and can be isolated from plant and animal oils. For the commercial production of magnesium stearate, vegetable sources like cottonseed oil and palm oil are used extensively. The isolation process involves hydrogenation of the oils under high temperature and pressure,
    following which extraction of magnesium stearate is done.
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  • Binders & Fillers
  • Powder & Tablet Lubricant
  • Many uses
  • Food Additive for Foods with Health Claims
  • Chewing Gums
  • Human Health

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