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  • Synthetic menthol has been made according to various processes
  • Synthesize of menthol from thymol, piperitone, pulegone and d-citronellal is well known
  • However, all these synthetic menthols have taste and odor characteristics differ materially from those of the natural product obtained by known means from American, Chinese or Japanese peppermint oils.
  • It is noted that de-neomenthol has a slightly musty, choking odor; d-isomenthol has a very faint camphor-like odor, being almost odorless; and 1-menthol has a mint-like odor, but it differs materially in this respect from the natural product.
  • The process for making synthetic menthol having substantially the taste and odor properties of natural menthol which comprises crystallizing synthetic menthol from at least one material selected from the group consisting of substantially-de-mentholized Japanese peppermint oil, substantially-de-mentholized Chinese peppermint oil and distilled American peppermint terpenes .
  • Synthesis of menthol (C10H20O) from citronellal (C10H18O) has been performed by a one-pot process
  • The Japanese company Takasago produces more than 2000 tonnes of synthetic L-menthol annually using b-pinene as a starting material.
  • Some of the biggest synthetic menthol producers include BASF, Symrise and Takasago.
  • Synthetic Menthol finds applications in fragrances and flavouring for oral hygiene applications, chewing gum, sweets, sports balms and other cosmetic and pharmaceutical applications.
  • About Menthols
  • Chiral chemistry in flavours
    & fragrances
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  • Laevo Menthol
  • Menthol BP
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  • Oral Rinse Concentrate
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  • Indian Standard
  • Myrcene
Production Process
  • Pathways
  • Synthetic Menthol
  • Synthesis of levo-Menthol
  • Production of levo-Menthol
  • The synthesis of menthol from citronellal
  • Laevo-menthol-syntheses
  • Separation of the Mixtures of Chiral
    Compounds by Crystallization
  • Synthesis from Myrcene
  • Biocatalytic enantiomeric resolution of L-menthol
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  • Process of making synthetic Menthol
  • Process of making synthetic Menthol
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  • Menthol Mint - India
  • Aroma & Fine Chemicals in South Africa
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