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  • The mobile MTG (Methanol to Gasoline) process converts methanol to high octane unleaded Gasoline
    using a zeolite catalyst. The process, which would be the first commercial production in the world, would supply one-third of the domestic gasoline demand 22% of its total fuel requirements in 1986, when the plant was in full operation.
  • Mobile Oil invested heavily into researching and producing H ZSM-5, a zeolite catalyst for the Methanol-to-Gasoline (MTG) Process. It's an efficient process that results in about a 98 percent conversion.
  • Basically, two parts of methanol are run over a catalyst to produce one part gasoline, and one part water. A large plant was built in New Zealand in 1985 which was put into production for 10 years which proved it could work.
  • The Mobil MTG process was said to be able to able to produce a barrel of synthetic gasoline for US 23 dollar.
  • The thermal efficiency of the MTG reaction alone is 95%.In comparison with other synthetic gasoline process, the MTG process in the Synfuel
    production also has great economical potential. The MTG process would give significant cost advantages over the Fischer-Tropsch synthesis, another prominent process for synthetic gasoline.
  • Plant models for the coal-to-MTG and natural gas- to-MTG process were developed using Aspen Plus (Aspen 2006).
  • For the natural gas-to-MTG cases, natural gas composition was taken from data published by Northwest Gas Association. Capacity for the plant was set at 11,023 ton/day
    of methanol, which corresponds to dual 5,512 ton/day methanol plants. Final product rate for these cases was 38,750 bbl/day of liquid
    products (gasoline plus liquefied petroleum gas [LPG])
  • Air separation in the conventional natural gas-to-MTG case is identical to that of the conventional coal-to-MTG case.
  • Power production in the conventional natural gas-to-MTG case is identical to that of the conventional coal-to MTG case.


  • Coal to Liquids Brochure
  • Technology update


  • Conversion of methanol to gasoline
  • Method of producing gasoline hydrocarbons from methanol
  • Process for converting methanol to olefins or gasoline
  • System for conversion of methanol to gasoline
  • Integrated process for converting methanol to gasoline and distillates
  • Conversion of crude methanol to gasoline with extraction
  • Conversion of methanol to gasoline components
  • Treatment of effluent resulting from conversion of methanol to gasoline in order to decrease durene and produce distillate


  • An analysis of alternative fuels promotion
  • Status of the methanol-to-gasoline process
  • The study application of the complete set of technology of the industrialization of the methanol gasoline
  • Nuclear-Integrated Methanol-to Gasoline production Analysis
  • Computational Studies of the Methanol to Gasoline Process
  • Blending of ethanol in gasoline for spark ignition engines


  • GTL technology and it’s role in the World energy markets
  • Outlook of the Global CTL industry
  • Methane to Methanol to Gasoline at Competitive Prices
  • DKRW Selects ExxonMobil’s Methanol-to-Gasoline (MTG) Technology for Coal-to-Liquids Project
  • Swiss company outlines methanol-to-gasoline option for Alaska North Slope gas to state legislature

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Company & Consultancy

  • Company from Canada
  • Company from U.S.A
  • Company from West Virginia
  • Consultancy from China

Conversion Process

  • Methanol to Gasoline process
  • ExxonMobil Methanol to Gasoline
  • Mtg, fractionation, alkylation, Heavy gasoline treater
  • Computational Studies of the Methanol to Gasoline Process
  • Methanol to Gasoline (MTG) Production of Clean Gasoline from Coal
  • Applications of Gasification – Coal-to-Liquids
  • Experimental process


  • Theoretical Study of C-C Bond Formation in the Methanol-to-Gasoline Process
  • Production of Synthetic Gasoline and Diesel Fuel from non-petroleum resources
  • The on-purpose propylene technology for a changing feedstock environment
  • A Novel Synthesis Route for
    Liquid Fuels from Coal-derived Syngas
  • A concept for producing Carbon-Neutral synthetic fuels and chemicals
  • Coal to clean Gasoline
  • Calculations in Heterogeneous and Homogeneous Catalysis
  • An Alternative Route for Coal To Liquid Fuel
  • Final report

Technology & Project

  • Gasoline - TIGAS
  • Gasoline from Wood via Integrated Gasification, Synthesis, and Methanol-to-Gasoline Technologies
  • Mobile Methanol to Gasoline Technology
  • Medicine Bow Methanol Project, United States of America
  • Methanol and Gas to Gasoline
  • The Cleaner Coal Conversion & Utilization Technologies in Shenhua and China
  • 5th China CTL & CoalChem Forum 2010

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