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  • Synthetic fibers are viscose rayon, cellulose acetate, polyester, nylon, acrylic
    modacrylic, and polyolefin
  • The term nylon refers to a family of polymers called linear polyamides
  • Nylon 6 and Nylon 6,6 are two most important polyamides
  • World production of Nylon staple fibre is 237.3 thousand metric tonne, sharing 7 percent of the total synthetic staple fibre production.
  • China is the world's largest nylon fibre producer in an ongoing growth. Nylon production is declining year by year in USA, Taiwan, Germany & South Korea etc. and Nylon chain
    is transferring to China or Asia pacific region.
  • The polyamide is melt spun and drawn after cooling to give the desired properties for each intended use
  • Some Major Nylon Fiber Uses are in textiles, garments, home furnishings Tire cord, hoses, conveyer and seat belts, parachutes, racket strings, ropes and nets, sleeping bags, tarpaulins, tents, thread, monofilament fishing line, dental floss
  • In India Nylon Filament Yarn finds major application in the manufacture of sarees which accounts for the
    70% of the total NFY consumption of the country.
  • Nylon has been the most popular and commonly used carpet fiber
  • Plant to produce yarn about 500 metric tons per month will require an investment of about INR 40 Crores
  • Nylon
  • Genesis


  • Nylon Fiber spinning technology
  • Consultant Nylon fiber spinning technology
  • Automation of Spinning


  • Process overview
  • Synthetic Fibers
  • Recycling nylon fiber


  • Patent - Process for producing Polyamide staple fibers
  • Patent - Process for producing Nylon Staple Fibers
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  • Company in Japan
  • Company in Germany
  • Company in USA
  • Company in Thailand
  • Company in India
  • Company in China
  • Another company in China
  • Company in Australia
  • Company in India
  • Company products
Project Information
  • Nylon Yarn project outline
  • Sample: Fully Drawn Yarn from chips  Prefeasibility study
  • Technology Institute
  • Technical Consultant
  • Industry Profile
  • Recycling for profit
  • Machinery suppliers
  • Machinery Catalog
  • Fiber suppliers
  • Nylon fiber suppliers
  • Caustic soda suppliers
  • Sodium hydrosulphite suppliers
  • Dyestuff suppliers


  • World trade in Synthetic Fibers
  • Nylon filament yarn & Fiber
  • Consultant - Market Research
  • Market Advisory provider
  • Synthetic Fiber Market
  • List of companies in India

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