Aliphatic Polyamides
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  • A polyamide is a polymer containing monomers of amides joined by peptide bonds.
  • They can occur both naturally and artificially, examples being proteins, such as wool and silk, and can be made artificially through step-growth polymerization or solid-phase synthesis, examples being nylons, aramids, and sodium poly(aspartate).
  • According to composition of their main chain, polyamides are classifieds as aliphatic, semi-aromatic and aromatic. Examples of Aliphatic type polyamides are PA6(Nylon 6) and PA 66(Nylon 6,6).
  • Nylon 6 is used as thread in bristles for toothbrushes, surgical sutures, and strings for acoustic and classical musical instruments, including guitars, violins, violas, and cellos.
  • It is also used in the manufacture of a large variety of threads, ropes, filaments, nets, and tire cords.
  • Nylon 6,6 is made of hexamethylenediamine and adipic acid, which give nylon 6,6 a total of 12 carbon atoms in each repeating unit.
  • The end groups of an aliphatic polyamide may be changed by reacting a polyurea with a molten aliphatic polyamide at temperatures of about 260'C.
  • Polyamides are synthesized by two main methods, a) is polycondensation of diacid and diamind and b) ring opening polymerization of lactams.
  • Aliphatic Polyamides can be synthesized by condensation of bifunctional monomers.
  • These polyamides are very useful and versatile material that are valuable because of their superior physicochemical properties such as abrasion resistance, chemical inertness, thermoplasticity etc.
  • Polyamide 6 were synthesized by ring-opening anionic polymerization of epsilon-caprolactam in the presence of sodium caprolactamate as a catalyst and caprolactam-functionalized silica as an initiator.
  • Depolymerization of nylon6 to epsilon-caprolactam with environmental-friendly heteropolyacid catalyst at temperatures between and 553k and 603k, under different pressures in water medium.
  • Crystallization behaviour in a number of blends and copolymers of nylons was investigated using time-resolved X-ray scattering.
  • Aliphatic Polyamides.
  • General Information.
  • Stabilization of Aliphatic Polyamides.
  • Polyamide6(Nylon 6).
  • Polyamide6-6.
  • Toxicity.

Raw Materials

  • Adipic Acid.
  • Caprolactam.
  • Cyclohexanone.
  • Hexamethyldiamine.
  • Nitrogen.


  • K-FLEX 7301( reactive diluent).
  • Nylon 6.
  • Epoxy-Polyamide.
  • PA-6.
  • PA6-M25G20.


  • Aliphatic Polyamides MSDS.
  • MSDS of Nylon 6.
  • Polyamide 6 Safety Data Sheet.
  • Safety Data Sheet of PA6 Granulate.
  • Material Sheet of Nylon 6.
  • Nylon 6 Safety Data  Sheet.
  • MSDS of Aliphatic Polyamides.
  • PA 6 Material Data Sheet.
  • Polycaprolactam MSDS.
  • MSDS of Nylon 6.
  • MSDS of PA6 filament yarns.


  • Effect of thermal ageing on Nylon 6,6 fibres.
  • Polymer Blends Containing Liquid Crystals.
  • Influence of moisture on Viscoelastic relaxations in Long Aliphatic Chain.
  • Mechanical and rheological properties of polyamide 6.
  • Melting Behaviour of Aliphatic and aromatic diamides.
  • The phase structures of nylon 6.6.
  • Secondary transitions of aryl-aliphatic polyamides.
  • Semicrystalline aliphatic polyamide.
  • High Modulus Aliphatic Nylon Fibers.

Company Profile & Consultants

  • Company from Ahmedabad.
  • Company from India.
  • Company from Kolkata.
  • Company from Mumbai.
  • Company from NewDelhi.
  • Company from WestBengal.
  • Polymer Consulting International, Inc.
  • Consultancy from NewYork.


  • Indian Suppliers.
  • China Suppliers.
  • Suppliers from USA.
  • Suppliers from Thailand.


  • Production of Polyamide-6 from Epsilon-caprolactam.
  • Aliphatic Nylon Polymer Microporous membranes.
  • Dimensionally shaped hollow sections from aliphatic polyamides.
  • Aliphatic Polyamides compositions & fibers.
  • Honeycomb containing poly (paraphenylene terephthalamide) paper with Polyamide.
  • Polyamide 6 filaments.
  • Polymer mixture of aliphatic & aromatic polyamides.
  • Modifying Aliphatic Polyamides with polyurea.
  • Continuously producing polyamide-6 using recycled lactam.
  • Production of PA-6 filament yarns.

Market & Uses

  • Market Demands of Polyamide.
  • Polyamide Market in India.
  • Nylon resins for blow moulding.
  • Biaxially Oriented shrinkage PA6 film.
  • Catalytic hydrolysis of waste nylon 6 to produce caprolactam.
  • Depolymerization of Nylon 6.
  • Isothermal crystallization kinetics of nylon 6.


  • Preparation of polyamide 6 from silica surface initiated ring-opening anionic polymerization.
  • Polyamide 6-Long Glass Fiber Injection Mouldings.
  • Workflow for Inter-Organizational Design Processes.


  • Laccase immobilization on enzymatically functionalized PA 6,6 fibres.
  • Nylon 6 and Nylon 6,6.
  • Prediction of Water Solubility in Nylon Melts based on Flory-Huggins theory.
  • Thermogravimetric studies on PA-6,6.

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