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  • Prestressing is a method of inducing known permanent stresses in a structure or member before the full or live load is applied.
  • These stresses are induced by
    tensioning the High Tensile Strands, wires or rods, and then anchored to the member being Prestressed, by mechanical means.
  • The High Tensile wires/strands, when bunched together are called Cables. These
    cables are generally placed inside a cylindrical duct made out of either metallic or HDPE material. The Anchorages, one of the main components of the Prestressing
    activity, are used to anchor the H.T. Cable after inducing the Load. The whole assembly of the Anchorage and the H.T. Cable is named as ‘TENDON’.
  • Prestressing is widely used for long span beams and Bridges
  • Application of Prestressing in building construction also facilitates
    a larger span between the columns
  • Prestressing is also very widely used in the construction of Mega Structures like Containment Wall of Nuclear Reactors, LNG Storage Tanks, Cement Silos, Chimneys, Dams and Rock Anchors
  • Prestressing Steels are best known as the High Tensile Steel Wires, Strand or Bars and are available in various sizes and configurations to impart a range of UTS
  • Prestressing steel stressed and embedded in concrete losses a part of its initial tension, as times goes by. This loss is known as “stress relaxation”, and must be taken care of in the design of prestressed structures
  • PC strand consists of multiple steel wires wound together to produce a strong, flexible product that is used to strengthen concrete structures. It is commonly available in three grades, in covered and uncovered form, and in several nominal diameters
  • India imported pc strand wire worth USD 1,135,940 under HS Code 7312 with total quantity of 1,037,419. Spain is the largest supplier of pc strand wire accounting for imports worth USD 628,752 followed by South Africa and China which exported pc strand wire worth USD 321,872 and USD 165,439 respectively.
  • There is good scope for the manufacturing of these products in view of large domestic demand as clearly seen by the imports into India

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  • Prestressing Elongation
  • Post Tensioning Structures

Prestressed Concrete

  • Prestressing Concrete
  • Prestressing Details
  • Prestressing - Specification
  • Code of Practice

Prestressing of Steel

  • Forms, types & properties
  • Prestressing Steel
  • The design and installation of prestressing systems.
  • Prestressed Structures
  • Strand tendon elongation at stressing

PC Wire  Production Technology 

  • Wires and Strands for Prestressed Concrete - Raw Materials Manufacturing Process
  • Production Technology for wire rods
  • PC Wire production Line - suppliers
  • Field Elongation Measurements
  • Prestressed Concrete Wire Plant supplier
  • Korean Technology
  • Machinery from UK
  • Turnkey project provider
  • Method of producing steel wire & strand for pre-stressed concrete construction US Patent

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Quality Control

  •  Specification for High tensile steel wire and strand for the prestressing of concrete
  • Standard
  • Testing 7-wire Strand for PC
  • Testing - wire & strand

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