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Information Profile @ a glance
  • Polymer recycling always means that the polymeric material was already transformed, somehow, into semi-finished or end products and will be reused for production of similar or identical products
  • When recycling polyethylene terephthalate or PET or polyester, two ways generally have to be differentiated:
    - The chemical recycling back to the initial raw materials purified terephthalic acid (PTA) or dimethyl
    terephthalate (DMT) and mono ethylene glycol (MEG) where the polymer structure is destroyed
    completely, or in process intermediates like bis--hydroxyterephthalate
    - The mechanical recycling where the original polymer properties are being maintained or reconstituted.
  • Chemical recycling will become cost-efficient only applying high capacity recycling lines of more than 50,000 tons/year
  • Mechanical recycling processes are typical of small and medium-sized industry
  • The treatment of polyester waste through total glycolysis to convert the polyester to bis-beta hydroxyterephthalate,
    which is vacuum distilled and can be used, instead of DMT or PTA, as a raw material for polyester manufacture, has been executed on an industrial scale in Japan as experimental production
  • In Methanolysis the recycling process, polyester waste is transformed with methanol into DMT, under pressure
    and in presence of catalysts


About Chemical Recycling
  • Recycling of Polymers
  • Tertiary PET Recycling
  • Production and Recycling of PET-Bottles


  • Reactive Extrusion
  • Processes Review
  • Bottle to Bottle PET Recycling
  • Chemolysis of polyurethanes
  • Polyester Recycling
  • PET Bottle Flake Decontamination Processes
  • Contaminants Levels

Project Information

  • Polyols & USP Resins from PET
  • Contact - project Consultant
  • Consultant
  • Technology Offer
  • Analysis of current projects
  • Clean Flake Specifications
  • Project Cost

Technology Companies

  • Company in the field
  • PET bottle recycling in Japan


Research Reports
  • Glycolysis of PET Waste.
  • Depolymerisation of recycled PET waste
  • Oligomers from Waste PET
  • Depolimerization of PET bottle wastes to produce highvalue BHET monomer using ethylenglycol
  • Alkyd Resins Derived from the Glycolised PET
  • Chemical recycling of PET Waste
  • Glycolysis of Industrial PET Waste
  • The rheological characterization of the glycolysis products
  • The properties of unsaturated polyester
  • Recycling Concepts for Polyester
  • Chemical Recycling Process for Post-Consumer PET Bottles by Methanolysis
  • Glycolyzed PET


  • Process for recovering  dimethyl  terephthalate
  • Preparing Polyols  in the form of bifunctional aromatic polyester alcohols from PET Waste
  • Glycolysis process for recycling of post consumer pet
  • PET Resin Fastheat
  • Chemical process for recycling pet waste

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