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  • The polystyrene table ware products are manufactured by Injection moulding, Blow moulding, rotational moulding depending on product shapes, sizes and end use
  • Automatic thermo forming machinery can produce all kinds of table ware in various sizes & shapes for catering, party supply, airlines, marriage & ther functional needs
  • Raw materials such as expanded polystyrene, polystyrene resins, light weight polystyrene resin, thermo polystyrene resin, industrial polystyrene resin, plastic material acrylic resin and polypropylene resin  are required & available in the market
  • The use of plastics in cooking and food storage can carry health risks, especially when hormone disrupting
    chemicals from some plastics leach into foods and
    beverages. Plastic manufacturing and incineration creates air and water pollution, and exposes workers to toxic chemicals.
  • There are serious environmental issues with the plastic products attracting the attention of governments, people & voluntary organizations & regulations are in place to protect the environment
  • Investigations reveal the use of ground polystyrene as a substitute for perlite, which is a common compost amendment for horticultural applications. The size
    reducing the polystyrene dinnerware would create a form that could be utilized as a soil amendment. Using a portable-grinding machine, the polystyrene trays would be shredded or ground and then blended with composted yard debris. The polystyrene and
    compost mixture would be lighter than traditional compost, and the polystyrene would provide aeration of the soil

Basic Information

  • Plastics - Food grade

  • Business Models - conversion of waste to Fuel

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  • Disposable Containers

  • Indian Company - thermocole

  • Indian Companies

  • Party & Catering Table ware

  • Dinner ware

  • Black Plate

  • Food Service Packages

  • American Company & products

  • Small Ware - product catalogue

  • Thermocol Products

Trade Scenario
  • Indian Plastic Industry
  • Plastic Plates Suppliers
  • Plastic Plate Manufacturers
  • Design Studio
  • Environmental Issues
  • Plastic Waste Management
  • Supporting Recycling
  • Chinese Standards
  • Recycling Limitations
Project & Technology Information
  • Turnkey Offer
  • Plate making machine from Turkey
  • Thermoforming Machine supplier
  • Automatic Thermoforming Machine
  • Thermocol / EPS Moulding Machinery
  • Thermocol / EPS Making machines
  • Processing machinery - china
  • Thermocole Plant Supplier
  • EPS Foam Machinery suppliers
  • Chinese Machine
  • Thermo Plant - India machine
  • EPS Foam Line
  • Injection Moulding Machine
  • Injection Moulds
  • Machinery Suppliers
  • Vacuum Forming Press-cutting & Stacking Machine
  • Raw Material Suppliers
  • Polystyrene suppliers
  • Resins suppliers
  • Video clip - plate production machine

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