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  • Potato processing industry in India is mainly composed potato snacks , potato flakes/ powder and French fries
  • Potato chips have been the leading segment of potato processing industry in India
  • Potato Flakes is an important ingredient of many bakery products besides an ingredient in reconstituted potato products like chips
  • Potato flakes/powder can easily be worked into a smooth paste in lukewarm water to make potato mash that can be used as baby food or a thickener in different curries. Potato flakes/ powder business is growing very fast in India.
  • Potato powder is used as a thickener or base for
    preparation of ready to eat vegetable gravies and soups. It is also used as an ingredient for potato
    chips, texturised potato products, snack pellets
  • The leading importer of Indian potato flakes is USA, followed by Malaysia and Kenya.
  • Indian snack food industry is one of the largest snack markets in the world and is presently
    estimated at Rs.1530 crores and is expected to grow at 10%. Potato powder and flakes
    contribute around 20 to 25% of this market.
  • The principle raw material required for making Potato powder and flakes is potato, salt, spices,
    preservatives, edible oil and hard coke.
  • The manufacturing process for potato flakes/powder includes following processes:
    Washing / Sorting & Grading of Potatoes, Peeling / second washing, Cooking, Pulping and Drum drying of Pulp to produce flakes, Slicing, Precooking, Cooling & Grinding ,  flakes into Potato powder Packaging in moisture proof multi layer plastic pouches
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  • Potato Flakes & Flour - Pre-Feasibility Study -2004

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  • Indian potato processing industry
  • Solutions for Food Programming - USA
  • Potatoes and Potato Products Annual - Japan
  • Prospects for potato Flakes in Kenya
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  • Market Structure & Prices: case Study
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