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  • The thirty rare earth elements are composed of the lanthanide and actinide series. One element of the lanthanide series and most of the elements in the actinide series are called trans-uranium, which means synthetic or man-made. All of the rare earth metals are found in group 3 of the periodic table, and the 6th and 7th periods. The Rare Earth Elements are made up of two series of elements, the Lanthanide and Actinide Series.
  • As one of the preferred methods for simultaneous multi-element determination, inductively coupled plasma atomic emission
    spectrometry (ICP-AES) has been widely applied to the determination of trace elements in various materials.1–5 Yet, its use in analyses of complex samples for elements at trace or ultra-trace levels is still limited, owing to insufficient sensitivity and matrix effects.6–8 Therefore, methods of ICP-AES associated with the separation and preconcentration procedures are needed.9 The solvent-extraction technique is an effective approach for the preconcentration of detecting elements and the separation of matrix elements; also, the presence of organic solvent may improve the nebulization and transported efficiencies.
  • RARE earth minerals always contain both rare earths and non–rare earths including more or less radioactive elements, and thus, the green metallurgy of rare earths is difficult as compared with other metals.[1] Bastnaesite is mainly a fluorocarbonate of light rare earths and contains only 0.1 to 0.3 wt pct of thorium; thus, it is an important rare earth source based on radioactivity safety considerations.[1]
  • At present, bastnaesite concentrate is commonly treated by calcination-acid dissolution or directly by acid dissolution or alkaline roasting for rare earth extraction,[1] but these processes require complicated operations and result in a large amount of low-concentration thorium-containing slag and wastewater, which cannot meet the requirement of thorium effluent standard.
  •  A new solvent extraction configuration allows this. After separating Sm and higher rare earths, aqueous feed containing light rare earths undergoes solvent extraction with cation exchange or solvating extractants. Pr, Nd and a fraction of the Ce appropriate for the final application is extracted. La and residual Ce are recovered from the raffinate. The loaded organic undergoes selective stripping, yielding an aqueous stream containing Ce, Pr, and some of the Nd. The Nd remaining in the partially stripped organic can be recovered as a high purity product. The proportions of Nd reporting to the mixed feed and the pure stream can be adjusted by operating parameters, allowing flexible response to product specifications and market economics.
  • Rare earths were mined by one company in 2002. Bastnäsite, a rare-earth fluocarbonate mineral, was mined as a primary product at Mountain Pass, CA. The United States was a leading producer and processor of rare earths and continued to be a major exporter and consumer of rare-earth products. Domestic ore production was valued at an estimated $28 million. The estimated value of refined rare earths consumed in the United States was more than $1 billion. The approximate distribution in 2001 by end use was as follows: glass polishing and ceramics, 34%; petroleum refining catalysts, 16%; automotive catalytic converters, 15%;
    metallurgical additives and alloys, 14%; rare-earth phosphors for lighting, televisions, computer monitors, radar, and
    X-ray intensifying film, 9%; permanent magnets, 8%; and other, 4%.
  • Altec Lansing Technologies, Inc., a leader in the market for personal computer speakers, has introduced two computer speaker systems that use neodymium and blend the art of sound with the beauty of design.
  • The paper will outline the economic importance of industrial minerals and how they are relevant to the European economy. Reference will be made to the mine to market supply chain, and the wide range of end use markets and their relative value to the Europe’s economy as a whole. It will be emphasised that without successful industrial minerals development, these markets would not perform economically and competitively. Recent trends and developments in the world trade of industrial minerals and the EU enlargement will be highlighted.
  • First medical applications were described for rare earths. These days, the uses of rare earth elements have exceeded technical and agricultural areas and are becoming part of medicine. Comprising many biochemical and pharmacological properties of clinical relevance, lanthanides have been of great interest for medical purposes. They have been shown to act as antimicrobial, anticoagulant, cytotoxic and phosphate-binding substances, while most of their effects are ascribed to their influence on Ca2+ - depending processes, which may also be involved in certain diseases.
General Information
  • Rare Earth Elements
  • Rare Earth Elements and their Isotopes
  • Source of the Rare-Earth Element Peak in r-Process Nucleosynthesis
  • The Periodic Table

Company Profile

  • China Rare Earth Holdings Ltd.
  • BaoTou Golden Rare Earth Biological Application Ltd.
  • The Shin-Etsu Group
  • AMR Technologies Inc.
  • Chengdu Henry Advanced Materials
  • Great Western Minerals Group Ltd
  • Guangzhou Toption Nonferrous Metals Imp. And Exp. Corporation
  • Baotou


  • CMC, Inc.
  • CRU Strategies
  • Southern Geoscience Consultants
  • Stratum Resources Aust – Asia Consultancy Services
  • Umaco Gold


  • Determination of Rare Earth Elements in Geological Samples
  • Rare Earth Extraction from Bastnaesite
  • Crystallization of mixed rare earth (didymium) molybdates in silica gel
  • Membrane Solvent Extraction of Some Rare Earth Elements
  • Separation and Processing of Rare Earths
  • Extraction of Rare-Earth Elements from Nitric Acid Solutions
  • Extraction of heavy rare-earths and yttrium


  • Rare Earth Products
  • Rare Earth Products of Cathay Advanced Materials Limited
  • MAGCRAFT® Brand Rare Earth Neodymium Magnets
  • Products of Rare Earth Elements
  • Rare earth products for Industrial, Research and Artistic
  • Rare Earth Compounds
  • Products of Rare Earth Metals


  • Amalgamated Rare Earth Uranium Project
  • BaoTou Rare Earth Hi-Tech Zone Cooperative Project
  • India’s Gas Centrifuge Program: Stopping Illicit Procurement and the Leakage of Technical Centrifuge Know-How
  • Life cycle environmental
    assessment of rare earth magnesium
    alloys for automotive applications
  • The Nolans Rare Earths-Phospate-Uranium Project
  • Mawson Stakes Swedish Uranium Rare Earth Project
  • The MMAJ Rare Earth R & D Project
  • Rare Earth Metals Corp’s
    Manitoba Projects
  • High-Performance Nanocomposite Rare Earth Permanent Magnets


  • Direct Production of Mixed, Rare Earths- Oxide Feed
  • Domestic Production of Rare Earth Elements in 2002
  • Domestic Production of Rare Earth Elements in 2003
  • Domestic Production of Rare Earth Elements in 2004
  • Domestic Production of Rare Earth Elements in 2005
  • Domestic Production of Rare Earth Elements in 2006
  • Domestic survey data and the world production tables in 2003
  • Domestic survey data and the world production tables in 2004
  • Domestic survey data and the world production tables in 2005
  • rare-earth element
    Sources and extraction


  • Inductively Coupled Plasma and Nuclear Analytic Techniques
  • Influence of Rare Earth Elements on the Corrosion Resistance of
    Fe-Cr-Ni Thermal Sprayed Coatings
  • Critical Resources for High Technology
  • A Rare-Earth Approach to Tracing Soil Erosion
  • Carbonate Complexation of Yttrium and the Rare Earth Elements in Natural Waters
  • Contamination in the Rare-Earth ElementOrthophosphate Reference Samples


  • Rare Earth Elements In Agriculture
  • Alumina Balls
  • Rare earth doped glasses for integrated optics applications
  • Glass and Rare Earth-doped for Optical Fibres
  • Application of Rare Earth Magnets in Mineral Processing
  • Rare Earth Element Enhanced Slurries for Erosion and Leaching Studies in Grassland
  • Rare Earth Magnets in Orthodontics
  • Liquid–liquid extraction
  • Rare earth element oxides for tracing
    sediment movement

Material Safety Data Sheet

  • CeO2
  • Cerium Hydrate
  • Lanthanum Aluminate
  • MultiElements Standard , Rare Earth Elements
  • Neodymium  Oxide
  • Nickel Metal Hydride Battery
  • Uranyl Nitrate
  • Praseodymium
  • The Rare Earth and Actinoid Elements
  • Rare Earth Elements in Egyptian Granite by Instrumental Neutron Activation analysis
  • Preparation, Structural, Characteristics and Catalytic Properties of Rare Earth Elements
  • Fluorescence Properties of As2S3 Glass Doped with Rare Earth Elements
  • Magnetic properties of carbon-coated rare-earth carbide nanocrystallites
    produced by a carbon arc method
  • New Complexes of Rare Earth Elements
    with Methylsuccinic Acid
  • Rare Earth Properties
  • Uptake of rare earth elements by Dryopteris erythrosora


  • The behavior of rare earth elements in naturally and anthropogenically acidified waters
  • Differences in Behavior among the Chlorides of Seven Rare Earth Elements Administered Intravenously to Rats
  • Rare earth elements affecting the biological processes and yielding abilities of cultivated crops
  • Effects of the Rare Earth Cerium on
    Escherichia coli
  • Effect of rare-earth elements on nanophase evolution, crystallization behaviour and mechanical properties in Al{Ni{R (R = La/Mischmetal) amorphous alloys
  • High Pressure Synthesis Involving Rare Earth
  • Validity of specifically applied rare earth elements and compartmental models
    for estimating flux of undigested plant tissue residues through the gastrointestinal tract of ruminants


  • High Tech Materials
  • The economic importance of
    industrial minerals
  • Investments of the Beaten Path: Rare Earth Elements
  • The Quietly Expanding Rare-Earth Market
  • Rare Earth Statistics U.S Geological Survey
  • Rhenium
  • The Global Economy Decline Impact on Rare Earth
  • Current Projection: Rare Earth Hero Collides with Supply & Demand


  • Liquid/Liquid Extraction of Rare Earth values
  • Recovery of rare earth elements from sulphurous acid solution by solvent
  • Process for Separation of the Rare Earth by Solvent Extraction
  • Active Optical Fibre Doped with Rare Earth Elements
  • Alkoxylation process catalyzed by phosphate salts of the rare earth elements   
  • Method for preparing rare-earth halide blocks
  • Extraction of Rare Earth Elements Using Alkyl Phosphinic Acid
  • Laminated Rare Earth Structures and Method of making
  • Method of separating trivalent actinides and rare earth elements
  • New Magnetic Metallic Particles using Rare Earth Elements
  • Separation of Rare Earth Elements with High-Speed Countercurrent Chromatography
  • AL-NI-rare Earth Element Alloy Sputtering Target


  • Impact of Rare Earth Elements
  • Rare Earth Elements Affecting the Biological Process and Yielding Abilities of Cultivated Crops
  • Strategic Materials 2005
  • The 5th International Conference
    on Rare Earth Development and Application
  • Hoidas Lake Rare Earth Project Advances to Prefeasibility
  • ISIS Experimental Report
  • Scientific Report ESF Workshop 04-109
  • Surface-structure-controlled sectoral zoning of the rare earth elements in fluorite
  • Anomolous Rare Earth Elements in the Deep Purple and Candy Claims
  • The Hydrothermal Geochemistry of the Rare Earth Elements
  • The Silent Shift to China
  • Nuclear India
  • Rare Earths


  • Ames Laboratory plants
  • Establishment of a Recycling System, Friendly to Humankind and our Mother Earth
  • The Santoku America, Inc. plant
  • Showa Denko K.K. Begins Construction of Second Magnetic Alloy Plant in China
  • Sillamae Metal and Chemical Production Plant

Suppliers & Buyers

  • RCMPA Polishing Technologies Pvt. Ltd
  • Selling leads/Company of Rare Earths
  • China Rare-earth Metal manufacturers & suppliers
  • Selling Leads of Rare Earth Compounds
  • Cerium Suppliers
  • Rare Earth & Products suppliers
  • Scandium Suppliers Guide
  • Rare Earth Metals Buyers List
  • Rare Earth Metals Buyers List -1

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