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  • Rice cakes of many types are made in a number of countries
  • Soft forms of rice cakes have been popular in Japan  since many years
  • Rice cakes are made & commonly sold by roadside vendors, a tradition which continues in most of Asia
  • Rice cakes have only two important ingredients : rice and water.
  • The rice itself needs certain characteristics to produce the best quality cake and limit breakage. Sticky rice, whether white or brown, tends to work best, while long-grain varieties don't expand during cooking as vigorously. Water is important early in preparation
  • Ingredients like salt and various flavorings are important considerations to taste-and nutrition-conscious consumers but are not significant to the production process.
  • Now there are machines available in the market to make Rice Cakes of many varieties and flavors
  • The rice cakes have a remarkably long shelf life of over a year
  • The range of designer flavors offers something for every taste, and, of course, the consumer can top the rice cake of choice with fruit, peanut butter, or other enhancements to make an even more varied snack

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  • Rice sugar cake
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