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  • White rice is about 90 percent carbohydrate, 8 percent protein and 2 percent fat
  • Rice protein is a vegetarian protein isolate that is an alternative to the more common whey and soy protein isolates.
  • Brown rice can be treated with enzymes that will cause carbohydrates to separate from proteins.
    The resulting protein powder is then sometimes flavored or added to smoothies or health shakes.
  • Protein powder is generally consumed in shakes and smoothies.
    The brown rice protein is technically a complete protein source (meaning it contains all essential amino acids your body needs), it's lower in the amino acid lysine than whey protein.
  • Brown rice and Red rice varieties have more minerals, vitamins, fibre and protein than polished white rice.
    Rice is mainly a carbohydrate.
  • Cooked brown rice contains five grams of protein per cup, and compared with other similar plant protein sources, brown rice is the second highest in BCAAs after quinoa. Brown rice is missing the essential amino acid lysine.
  • Fragrant white basmati rice is delicious but less nutritious. That's because brown rice and other colorful rices are considered whole grain; white basmati isn't because it has gone through processing, which strips away some of the whole-grain goodness. ... Whole-grain brown basmati, by the way, is a tasty choice
  • As per the USDA definition, protein (80%) is classified as a Concentrate
    while the of protein (90%) is classified as an isolate 8.Method for extracting protein from all layers of the whole grain rice including bran, germ and endosperm, is a low-heat, enzymatic process that's hexane-free
  • The rice protein has raised interest due to its unique nutritional and nutraceutical properties. Rice protein concentrate (RPC) is often used as a food or pharmaceutical ingredient in powder form
  • Organic Rice Protein is produced by means of a unique enzyme process. A proprietary blend of organic plant enzymes are used to separate the fiber and carbohydrates from the protein.Low temperatures used during processing prevent denaturing of the amino acids. Chemicals are never used
  • The Protein Efficiency Ratio (PER) is the measure of actual protein available for the body to use and relates to the percentage of the protein digested by the body. With Rice Protein, after 4 hours better than 80% of the protein has been digested,
    compared to only about 57% for soy. The actual PER number of Rice Protein is 2.75. Egg is the highest at 3.99, milk is second with 3.45, rice third, and soy is last with a PER of 2.32.
  • The Europe Rice Protein Market was worth USD 16.4 million in 2016, and is expected to grow at a CAGR of 5.7%,
    to reach USD 21.8 million by 2021.
    Rice protein is considered as an alternative to the popular whey and soy proteins
  • United States rice protein market is a niche market, as demand for this product majorly arises from people consuming vegan dietary supplements.
  • United States rice protein market can be segmented on the basis of product type into concentrates, isolates and others rice proteins. Isolate rice protein dominated the rice protein market in the US in 2016,
    and the segment is anticipated to continue dominating the market through 2022.

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