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  • Synonyms of sodium benzoate are Benzoic acid, sodium salt, Sobenate,
    Natrium benzoic, Antimol, Benzoate of soda and it has the chemical formula NaC6H5CO2.
  • Raw Materials of sodium benzoate are sodium hydroxide, benzoic acid, it is widely used food preservative and acidic foods.
  • The sodium benzoic can be produced by reacting the neutralization of benzoic acid, sodium hydroxide.
  • Sodium benzoate occurs naturally at levels of 10-1000 mg/kg in many foodstuffs in natural occurrences and it also occurs in many plants and in animals.
  • Sodium salt of benzoic acid is a sodium benzoate & one gram of the salt is soluble in 2 ml of water, in 75 ml of ethyl alcohol and in 50 ml of 90% ethyl alcohol.
  • Amino acid glycine conjugates with the sodium benzoate to form the hippurate, which is excreted in the urine.
  • The sodium benzoate powder or granule and it contains 99.0-100.5% and the
    heavy metals is 0.02%, when dried it consists of less than 99.0%.
  • Sodium benzoate compositions is prepared by dissolving the sodium benzoate to form a solution and then drying and the prepared compositions are used in beverages consists  sodium benzoate.
  • Sodium benzoate of molecular weight is 144.11.It occurs as white crystalline
    powder and it is odorless.
  • When the sodium benzoate is dried for 4 hours at 110 and the loss should not be
    more than 1%.
  • Sodium benzoate is mostly used for food items are fruit vegetable beverages, carbonated beverages.
  • Accurately weighed 100mg of Sodium benzoate in 100ml volumetric flask, mixed and diluted to 100ml with water and it present in
     Sodium Benzoate injection was estimated by is absorption assay method.
  • Chemical names of sodium benzoate Sodium benzoate, sodium salt of benzene carboxylic acid, sodium salt of phenyl carboxylic acid.
  • Sodium benzoate found in mouthwashes, silver polishes, cough syrups, soaps, and shampoos.
  • Sodium benzoate has the soft drink condition is 6.25mM.
  • Benzoic acid is slightly irritating to the skin and irritating to the eye, while sodium benzoate has no data were identified in the literature.
  • The toxicity of sodium benzoate and benzoic salt is low in human.
  • Sodium benzoate
  • Estimation of caffeine and sodium benzoate
  • General information of sodium benzoate
  • Description of sodium benzoate
  • Summary of sodium benzoate


  • Msds of Sodium benzoate
  • Msds of benzoic acid
  • Data sheet of sodium benzoate
  • Msds of sodium salt
  • Sodium benzoate NF/FCC
  • Sodium benzoate NF/FCC dense
  • Msds of sodium benzoate acid
  • Msds of benzoate of soda
  • Msds of Benzoate sodium
  • Msds of Antimol
  • Sodium benzoate

Manufacturing process & Products

  • Process of  benzoic acid & sodium benzoate
  • Sodium benzoate in the presence of ascorbic acid
  • Sodium benzoate powder special products
  • Sodium benzoate injection 2g in 10ml
  • Sodium benzoate powder food grade
  • Sodium benzoate 500mg tablets
  • Product of sodium benzoate
  • Product of sodium benzoate powder
  • Product information of sodium benzoate


  • Process for making and using sodium benzoate
  • Precipitation of sodium benzoate
  • Corrosion inhibitor containing sodium benzoate
  • Process for using sodium benzoate as a nucleating agent


  • The automated spe assay of sodium benzoate and ascorbic acid
  • Health report
  • Evaluation report on the analytical methods
  • Sodium benzoate report

Raw material suppliers

  • Raw material suppliers of benzoic acid
  • Raw material suppliers of sodium hydroxide

Turnkey Provider

  • Turnkey provider from India
  • Turnkey provider from India1
  • Turnkey provider from Canada
  • Suppliers from India
  • Suppliers from India1
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  • Suppliers from India3
  • Suppliers from Mumbai
  • Suppliers from China
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  • Suppliers from US

Company profiles

  • Company from India
  • Company  another from India
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  • Consultancy from China
  • Consultancy from China1
  • Consultancy from China2
  • Consultancy from Noida
  • Sodium benzoate lab Spray Drier LPG-5
  • Sodium Benzoate Powder Spray Drying Machine
  • Sodium Benzoate Spray Drying Equipment


  • Effect of sodium benzoate on the growth and enzyme
  • Antimicrobial effects of sodium benzoate
  • Effect of oral intake of sodium benzoate
  • Especial reference to the possible synthesis of glycine in the body
  • Sodium benzoate side effects


  • Gain insight into sodium benzoate synthesis
  • Sodium benzoate on spoilage yeasts
  • Formation of ortho benzoquinone one from sodium benzoate


  • Simultaneous determination of preservatives
  • A novel sodium benzoate analog decreases blood ammonia levels
  • Study of sodium benzoate
  • Incorporation of benzoic and silicone coatings
  • Production of benzene from sodium benzoate


  • Use of sodium benzoate & ammonium hydroxide
  • Use of sodium benzoate
  • Assessment of the use of sodium benzoate on the safety and shelf life

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