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  • Soldering wire is used in Electrical, Electronics and telephone industries for
    soldering ratio, transistor, TV. Circuit and computer circuits too as well as
    electrical connections
  • Soldering is both a manufacturing process and a repair process
  • The development of smaller and more efficient component packages and better assembly techniques have both fostered new and improved methods of soldering
  • Lead-free solder is now an important issue. Electronic products that end up in land fills can cause lead to leech into water supplies. Solder containing lead has already been banned for some applications and this trend will continue
  • To manufacture Wire Solder low residue/fine diameter wire solders, one needs
    state-of-the-art wire extrusion and wire drawing machines. Many formulations use the latest in no-clean/low residue technology found in solder pastes and solder fluxes.
  • Soldering Wire products are having very good demand in local domestic market as well as in foreign countries. There is a great Export potential for in the Middle East
    countries. Its price varies depending upon the ratio of tin, lead and other alloy.
 About Soldering & Wires
  • Soldering Techniques
  • Hand soldering
  • Automating soldering process
  • Micro-soldering techniques
  • Soldering & Dispensing
  • Soldering Procedure
  • Working with Wire
  • Solder Bars

Project Information

  • Soldering Wire
  • Lead free soldering

Plant and Turnkey providers

  • Solder making Line
  • Indian Machinery
  • soldering wire production line , resin core soldering wire production , lead free soldering wire production line
  • Chinese Machinery supplier


  • Consultant - project report preparation
Market Situation
  • List of soldering wire suppliers
  • Tender sample
  • Shelf Life
  • Properties of Alloys of Multicore Solder Wires
  • Imports into India

Company Profiles

  • Company in Germany
  • Company in Delhi
  • Multi Core solder wire company
  • Manufacturer in Pune
  • USA Company - product details
  • Solder Paste manufacturer
  • Halogen free flux
  • Solder Flux
  • Water soluble solder flux
  • Solder wire
  • Company & products


  • Gold Chains, Catchers & Stoppers
  • Platinum chain making
  • Soldering Guide

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