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  • Thermocol is basically Polystyrene.
  • Styrene is an aromatic monomer, and polystyrene is an aromatic polymer
  • Polystyrene is the most recycled form of disposable food service packaging.
  • Polystyrene is being collected in school and corporate cafeterias, restaurants, grocery stores and/or at curbside in 40 states and sent to reprocessors around the country.
  • Polystyrene recycling is particularly successful in institutional settings.
  • Expandable Polystyrene / EPS is PS Foam that use Pentane gas (C5H12) as the blowing agent.
  • There are different types of plastics, ones which can be remoulded termed as thermo­plastics, such as polystyrene (PS), poly-propylene(PP), polyamides (nylons), polycarbonate(PC), poly-ethylene(PE) and poly­vinyls(PVC).


    Polystyrene is a polymer made from the monomer styrene, a liquid hydrocarbon that is commercially manufactured from petroleum. At room temperature, polystyrene is normally a solid thermoplastic, but can be melted at higher temperature for molding or extrusion, then resolidified.
  • Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) is a lightweight, rigid cellular plastic that is made from the polymerisation of styrene monomer.
  • Polystyrene Paper (PSP) is a PS Foam which produced by extruding process as another plastic.
  • EPS and PSP Foam are made of Polystyrene, which is thermoplastic, so that it will become again a polystyrene plastic when recycled.
  • PS pallet from recycled foam will be produced in various kinds of plastic products e.g. video and tape cassette and ruler. The other way to reuse EPS Foam is to mix the regrind beads with the new expanded bead for re-production in molding process.
  • Post-construction EPS waste can be reground and mixed with concrete to produce new building products such as Rastra and prefabricated concrete blocks.
  • Recycled polystyrene is being used in egg cartons and sandwich containers.
  • It is desirable to recycle polystyrene foam to reduce the amount of plastic in municipal landfills.
  • In terms of global warming, EPS plays a positive role in reducing carbon dioxide emissions.
  • Expanded polystyrene insulation makes a significant contribution to building and construction needs without adversely affecting the environment.
  • EPS is produced in thousands of different forms for specific packaging requirements and is also used to make products such as disposable cups, trays, cutlery, cartons, CD cases and containers.
  • A company has been a leader in EPS molding for over four decades. It has the most advanced molding technology available allowing us to produce product faster and more efficiently.
  • The recycling technologies used for EPS recycling can be varied according to the quantity and composition of the waste collected. Recycling techniques must be chosen to maximise the value of the goods produced, whilst minimising the consumption of resources for transporting, sorting and cleaning the waste.
  • EPS has become over the year a commodity of premium importance in building and packaging markets. EPS contains 98 % of air, which makes it difficult to recycle due to the high transport costs.
  • It is conservatively estimated that well over 300,000 tons of waste EPS are produced on an annual basis in the UK. In the USA according to the EPA over 377,579 tons of Polystyrene are produced in California alone.
  • Reducing the amount of landfill space EPS takes by up to 95% would be reason enough to thermally compact and densify this material.
  • It is estimated that approximately 15.2 million pounds (58 percent) of the 26.2 million pounds of EPS packaging recycled during some year were remanufactured into new EPS packaging.
  • About Expanded Polystyrene (EPS)
  • General informations about EPS
  • About EPS foam
  • About Plastics
  • About EPS recycling
  • Polystyrene recovery and recycling
  • How a recycling scheme works
  • Plastics recycling information sheet


  • Building a better environment with EPS
  • Plastics recycling information sheet
  • Recycling Expanded Polystyrene
  • Moulding Expanded Polystyrene
  • Processing recycling foam
  • Low-cost and Compact Recycling Method of Expanded Polystyrene
  • Life Cycle Assessment of Expanded Polystyrene Packaging


  • Advanced Polymer technology
  • Foam technologies
  • A new regenerating technology and service to solve the Expanded Polystyrene recycling dilemma
  • Using Oranges for Styrofoam Recycling
  • Plastic recycling technology


  • Construction and Demolition Waste Reduction Project
  • Statewide Mobile Collection, Processing and Recovery Program for Polystyrene Packaging Waste
  • Recycling of Food-Service Polystyrene as an Amendment in Compost and Concrete Production
  • Market Enhancement for Densified EPS waste
  • Developing Performance Based Measures
  • LCA-Waste project
  • Design of Products Using Polystyrene Recovered From Waste Electronics
  • Life cycle assessment of EPS and CPB inserts: design considerations and end of life scenarios
  • Life cycle assessment of EPS and CPB inserts: design considerations and end of life scenarios
  • Use of EPS Beads to Control Mosquito Breeding
  • EPS for Packing material
  • Recycled Content in Expandable Polystyrene Foam Protective Packaging Recycled Content
  • EPS packaging
  • EPS building and construction Recycling
  • Dual Phase, Co-Continuous Morphology from Mixtures of  Recycled Polystyrene/Curbside Tailings Materials
  • Recycling Waste Polystyrene to Save Money and Help the Environment


  • Eco-Sustainable Recycling Of Containers Made By Polystyrene Foam And/Or Recycled Plastic With Ashes Coming From Thermoelectric Power Plant
  • Physical Characteristics of the Dual Phase Region in Mixtures of Recycled Polystyrene/Curbside Tailings Materials
  • Properties, Performance and Design Fundamentals of Expanded Polystyrene Packaging
  • Properties of EPS
  • The Role of Recycled Waste Polystyrene Foam on Phvsical and Mechanical Properties of Novel Ceiling Boards


  • EPS recycling machines selling leads
  • EPS recycling machines manufacturers and suppliers
  • Manufacturer of Dust compactor
  • EPS recycling machines trade leads
  • EPS recycling machine manufacturer
  • Manufacturer and exporter of EPS Machinery
  • EPS, EPP, and EP Foam Recycling Machines Supplier
  • The KBM Styromix System Producer
  • KBM Recycling producer
  • Expert in producing EPS recycling machines
  • Recycling Machine For Reducing Eps And Epp  producer
  • EPS Recycling System supplier
  • Exporters & Manufacturers of EPS recycling machines
  • Styromelt supplier
  • EPS recycling machines exporter
  • Super FX Fadex Powder
  • Polystyrene Loose Fill
  • Amazing Recycled Products
  • Polystyrene trays

Company Profile

  • Company in Haryana
  • Company in Asia
  • Company in Europe
  • Company in Faridabad
  • Company in Abbotsford 
  • Company in Korea


  • Consultant in California
  • Consultants for EPS recycling
  • Consultant in Sacramento
  • Consultant in Vancouver
  • Experts for EPS recycling


  • Plant in Korea
  • Plant in Denmark
  • Plant in Tatarstan
  • Plant in Czech republic
  • Plant in Germany
  • Plant in Danmark


  • 2002 EPS Recycling Rate Report
  • 2006 EPS Recycling Rate Report
  • 2004 EPS Recycling Rate Report
  • Recovery and Recycling of Expanded Polystyrene Products in Hong Kong
  • New System Launched to Recycle Waste Polystyrene
  • Plastic: Polystyrene market assessment
  • Recycling Market Center Study
  • Polystyrene Recycling market
  • Polystyrene marketing


  • Adoption of a reolution and a policy prohibiting the use of food service items comprised of expandable polystyrene within city facilities and at city sponsored events
  • Annual Report 2007
  • Reducing climate change with EPS insulation
  • EPS Packaging Featured at Recoup Conferences
  • Recycle your used fish boxes says EPS Packaging Group
  • Facts about recycling of EPS
  • A New Lease of Life for Polystyrene
  • Strengthening the Role of the Federal Government in Encouraging Recycling and Reuse


  • Construction standard specification
  • The effect of commercial products packaging on the management of solid waste
  • Implementation Status of Recycled Plastics Manufacture & Usage Rule
  • Polystyrene, polypropylene and polyethylene foam product manufacturing operations
  • Solid Waste Management in Mumbai
  • EUMEPS Background Information on Standardisation of EPS


  • Apparatus and method for disposal of expanded polystyrene waste
  • Method for manufacturing expanded polystyrene foam components from used polystyrene materials
  • Method for recycling EPS
  • Purification of polystyrene recycle streams
  • Cementing compositions and methods using recycled expanded polystyrene
  • Expandable styrene polymers containing recycled material
  • Transformation of expanded polymers
  • Volume reducing agents for expanded polystyrene, methods and apparatus for processing expanded polystyrene using the same
  • Method for compacting expanded polystyrene

Material Safety Data Sheet

  • Falcon Foam Expanded Polystyrene
  • Expanded Polystyrene MSDS
  • MSDS for Expanded Polystyrene
  • Expanded polystyrene
  • MSDS in Expanded polystyrene
  • Expanded Polystyrene Board and Custom Molded Polystyrene Inserts
  • Expanded Polystyrene foam plastic insulation

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