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  • Zinc is the 27th most common element in the earth's crust. More importantly, zinc is fully recyclable. Zinc can be recycled indefinitely - without loss of its physical or chemical properties.
  • Zinc is recycled at all stages of production and use, including scrap that arises during the production of galvanized steel sheet, scrap generated during manufacturing and installation processes and from end-of-life products.
  • Approximately 60% of the zinc produced worldwide originates from mined ores and the remaining 40% from recycled or secondary zinc. The level of recycling increases each year, in step with progress in zinc production and recycling technology.
  • Today, over 30% of the global zinc supply comes from recycled zinc, recovered from both new and old scrap.
  • In South Africa almost all the recycled zinc arises from galvanizing (estimate of 8-9 000 tpa). the majority of die casters and brass users recycle their own scrap.
  • Currently around 30 percent of all zinc production comes from recycling. About half of the recycled zinc comes from “process” scrap, which is scrap zinc that is left over after the production of zinc products such as brass or galvanized steel.
General Information
  • Zinc Recycling
  • Secondary Zinc
  • Zinc Recycling Facts
  • Zinc Fertilizer recycling facts
  • Zinc FAQ


  • Company from USA
  • Company from India
  • Company from Australia
  • Company from USA
  • Company from England
  • Company from USA


  • Zinc Casting and Recycling
  • Recycling Zinc-Coated Steel
  • Progress in caustic dezincing of galvanized scrap
  • Leaching behavior of several zinc rich residues
  • Zinc and Zinc recycling
  • Recycling metallic zinc from the processing wastes of industrial
  • Benefits Zinc Recycling
  • Minimizing Dioxin and Furan
    Emissions during Zinc Dust Recycle by the Waelz Process
  • Cycle of zinc recycling
  • Role of Hydrometallurgy in the recycling of zinc


  • Environmental Services Zinc
  • Recycling of zinc bearing waste
  • Rules for Zinc fertilizer recycling
  • Zinc Sheet Environmental Profile
  • Zinc Recycling report
  • Recyclable Zinc
  • Recycling Commodities in the United States
  • Report on the Environmental Benefits of Recycling
  • Zinc Recycling Feasibility Study in the United States
  • Korean Recycling Project Update

Consultancy & Supplier

  • Consultancy from USA
  • Consultancy from USA
  • Suppliers for Zinc recycling
  • Supplier from India
  • Zinc recycling Supplier
  • Zinc recycling plant supplier
  • Zinc recycling consultant


  • Plant from India
  • Plant - Europe
  • Plant from Korea
  • Plant from India
  • Plant from Germany


  • Zinc Recycling process
  • Zinc Recycling circuits
  • Zinc Recycling routes and life cycle


  • Zinc carbon batteries and environment
  • Zinc Risk Assessment
  • Release of Zinc from rubber
  • Material flows of household batteries in Sweden
  • Recycling residues into metals


  • Method of recovering zinc
  • Process for recovering zinc
  • Method for recovering zinc from zinc containing dust
  • Method for recycling industrial waste streams containing zinc compounds
  • Process for manufacturing a recyclable zinc
  • Treatment of zinc calcines for zinc recovery
  • Zinc oxide recovery process


  • Zinc - world statistics include India
  • Zinc and rolled Zinc recycling
  • Global Zinc Drivers
  • Recycling market
  • Leader in Recycling Markets
  • South African Zinc Market

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