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  • Zinc is a metallic chemical element with the symbol Zn and atomic number 30. In nonscientific context it is sometimes called spelter.
  • Commercially pure zinc is known as Special High Grade, often abbreviated SHG, and is 99.995% pure.
  • Zinc is a moderately reactive bluish grey metal that tarnishes in moist air and burns in air with a bright bluish-green flame, giving off fumes of zinc oxide. It reacts with acids, alkalis and other non-metals.
  • Zinc is present in a wide variety of foods, particularly in association with protein foods.
  • Zinc coatings are widely used to protect finished products ranging from structural steelwork for buildings and bridges, to nuts, bolts, strip, sheet, wire and tube.
  • High purity grades of zinc oxide are used in specialised applications such as ferrites and in varistors to protect sensitive equipment from electrical power surges.
  • Zinc concentration is usually done at the mine site, prior to reaching the zinc processing plant. The concentration includes crushing and flotation techniques.
  • Electrowinning uses an electrolytic cell to reduce the zinc. An electric current is run from a lead-silver anode through a zinc solution. The zinc deposits on an aluminum cathode and is harvested. The zinc is then melted and cast into ingots.
  • Zinc smelting is the process of recovering and refining zinc metal out of zinc-containing feed material such as zinc-containing concentrates or zinc oxides.
  • Globally, two main zinc-smelting processes are in use:
    (i) a pyrometallurgical process run at high temperatures to produce liquid zinc.
    (ii) a hydrometallurgical or electrolytic process using aqueous solution in combination with electrolysis to produce a solid zinc deposit.
  • Zinc metal is extracted from the purified solution by means of electrolysis.
  • Despite its declining share of world consumption, the U.S. economy still plays an important role in the world zinc markets, mainly because many countries depend on exports of zinc and zinc-containing products to the United States.
  • At 270,000 t/yr, CEZinc is one of the largest zinc processing facilities in the world; Noranda estimated that it supplied about 15% of zinc demand in the United States and about 35% of demand in Canada.
  • The USA’s dominance of the global zinc market has increased with mines in Alaska accounting for more than 50% of the USA’s zinc and lead.
    Zinc prices increased sharply from a low of US$0.33/lb in 2002 to a high of US$2.09 on Nov. 24, 2006.
  • Zinc demand in China was forecast to exceed mine production by 540,000 tonnes annually; however, destocking led to an actual deficit of 320,000 tonnes.
  • Zinc metal exports from China declined to 465,900 tonnes in 2003 and 223,900 tonnes in 2004. With these declines, China became a significant net importer of zinc
  • Zinc
  • Zinc Information Sheet
  • Zinc & Its Functions
  • Facts About Zinc
  • zinc metal facts
  • General Information of Zinc
  • Zinc Properties


  • Zinc Application & Its Availability
  • Application Of Zinc
  • The Agronomical Aspects of Zinc Sulfate Application on Soybean in Iranian Condition "Gonbad region"
  • Zinc Coatings
  • Eveready Carbon Zinc (Zn/MnO˛) Application Manual
  • Zinc Application – Split the Difference
  • Zinc Cream and Reliability of Tuberculosis Skin Testing
  • Applications of Single Wall carbon nanotubes and
    Zinc Oxide nanorods in photovoltaic devices


  • Zinc Air Fuel Cells
  • Electric Fuel™ Zinc-Air Battery Regeneration Technology
  • A Scalable Cellular Logic Technology Using Zinc-Finger Proteins
  • Zinc Silicate Or Zinc Epoxy As The Preferred High Performance Primer
  • Depleted Zinc Technology
  • Development of Thin-Section Zinc Die Casting Technology


  • The Albion Process for Mixed Zinc/Copper Concentrates
  • Zinc Plating Process
  • Zinc Smelting Process
  • Zinc Extraction From Polluted Soils By Using Zeolite & Vicia Sativa Plant
  • Development of a viable process for the recovery of zinc from oxide ores
  • A new process for the thermal refining of zinc: A case study of technology development at Mintek
  • The Intec Zinc Process
  • Zinc coated steel scrap
  • Zinc Processing


  • Effect of Zinc Application on Growth and Nutrient Uptake of Barley Plant Irrigated with Saline Water
  • The effect of zinc application on rice yield and some agronomic characters
  • Effect of Zinc Source and Application Time on Zinc Uptake and Grain Yield of
    Flood-Irrigated Rice
  • Effect of zinc application on quality traits of barleyin semi arid zones of Turkey
  • Effect of Zn enriched organic manures and zinc solubilizer application on the yield, curcumin content and
    nutrient status of soil under turmeric cultivation


  • Company From United States
  • Company From Europe
  • Company From United Kingdom
  • Company From United States
  • Company From China


  • Consultant From Australia
  • Consultant From United States
  • Consultant From England
  • Consultant From India
  • Consultant From England


  • Zinc better products
  • Skin Zinc Products
  • Die Cast Zinc Product
  • Zinc
  • Zinc Product


  • Zinc  For Crop Production
  • Production Of Zinc In 2014
  • Production Of Zinc In 2015
  • Production Of Zinc - 2016
  • Production Of Zinc - 2017


  • Zinc Project
  • Mehdiabad Project Site View
  • The Big River Zinc smelter
  • Menninnie Dam Zinc Lead Silver Project
  • The Manindi Zinc project
  • Mehdiabad Zinc Project


  • Zinc Manufacturers & Suppliers
  • Zinc Manufacturers, Importers & Suppliers
  • Zinc Manufacturers, Exporters & Suppliers
  • Zinc Manufacturers, Importers & Suppliers
  • Zinc Manufacturers& Suppliers
  • Zinc Manufacturers, Importers & Suppliers


  • The World Market for Unwrouht Zinc and Zinc Alloys
  • Market Opportunities For Zinc
  • Chinese zinc and zinc alloys market
  • Analyzing the US Zinc Industry
  • Zinc Market & Demand
  • Zinc Market Update


  • Hill Copper-Zinc Project - MAN Area Arizona
  • OVA 5000 Trial Report for Zinc Smelter.
  • Zinc deficiency occurring in females. Report of two cases1
  • Xstrata Zinc North Queensland
    Sustainability Report
  • The interpretation of zinc protoporphyrin changes in lead intoxication: a case report and review of the literature

Commodity Report

  • Production Of Zinc In 2013
  • Production Of Zinc In 2014
  • Production Of Zinc In 2015
  • Production Of Zinc In 2016
  • Production Of Zinc In 2017


  • Zinc Alloy Containing A Bismuth-Indium Intermetallic Compound For Use In Alkaline Batteries
  • Recovery Of Copper & Zinc From Complex Chloride Solutions
  • Zinc Shapes For Anodes Of Electrochemical Cells
  • Installation For Removing The Zinc Deposited By Electrolysis On Aluminium Plates
  • Purification Of Zinc

Material Safety Data Sheet

  • Zinc Chelate
  • Zinc Peroxide
  • Granular Zinc
  • zinc
  • Zinc Oxide
  • zinc chloride
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