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Information profile @ a Glance
  • Zinc scrap arises in a number of different forms with varying zinc content. Over the years different routes have been developed to provide the most effective and economical means of recovering the
    zinc from these materials
  • Many value added products are made making use of what are called Zinc Dust, Zinc dross, Zinc wastes, Zinc scrap
  • Zinc drosses are used in the production of zinc oxide, zinc dust and other zinc
    chemicals. Ashes are physically separated to produce secondary zinc ingot with the
    non-metallic fraction used as feedstock, alongside ores, in the production of primary
  • When steel is being produced from scrap,
    the zinc remaining on the feedstock is volatilized and captured in the flue dust which is filtered out from the furnace gases.
  • Zinc dust is generated on regular basis during zinc coating of our Ductile Iron Spun Pipes by spray gun metallization process
  • Substantial
    quantities of Zinc dusts are upgraded and then used as feedstock for the
    production of primary zinc.
  • Zinc residues also arise in smaller quantities in several different ways: from the
    treatment mine and smelter dumps; filter dusts from brass works; and in various
    parts of the chemical industry. These are largely recycled in the chemical industry or
    through primary zinc production

Basic Information

  • Zinc Dust uses

  • Zinc Recycling

  • Secondary Zinc Processing

Companies & Products

  • Composition of Zinc dust

  • Heat resisting Paint

  • Aircraft Grade

  • Mining Grade

  • Rubber Grade

  • Zinc dust petrolatum

  • Anti seize Petrolatum

  • Company profile

  • Fine Zinc Powders

  • Purity Zinc Grease Grades

  • Alkyd Zinc Dust Coating

  • Product MSDS

  • Zinc oxide dross and filter dust

  • Zinc dust Standard

  • Zinc dust primer

  • Zinc Dust Special

  • Zinc dust - stabilized

  • Zinc dust superfine

  • HZO Zinc dust

  • Polyamide epoxy, zinc-rich

  • Zinc dust for paints

Trade Scenario
  • Coating Costs
  • Case Study - Safety
  • Zinc Silicate Primers
  • Zinc dross - regulations
Technology & applications
  • Anti-corrosive properties
  • Zinc Alkyls
  • Zinc powder preparation from
    zinc containing waste
  • Copper concetration
  • Zinc rich primers
  • Steel Plant applications
  • Anti Corrosion coatings
  • Hot dip galvanizing
  • New Precision Galvanizing Technology
  • Deep Purification of Zinc Ammoniacal Leaching Solution
    by Cementation with Zinc Dust
  • Development of Zinc Primers


  • Method of recovering Zinc from Zinc containing Dust
  • Recovering Zinc Oxide from zinc dust
  • Production of Zinc Dust

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