Zinc from Blast & EA Furnace Dusts
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  • Many potential crude zinc oxides sources are in electric arc furnace (EAF) dust, galvanising ashes, brass foundry and converters fumes
  • An exhaust gas is created in each blast furnace that is called blast furnace gas. It contains dust that must be eliminated. During the first step, i. e. the dry cleaning phase, the coarse dust is separated. The separated blast furnace dust might have a zinc content of up to 30%.
  • Blast-furnace (BF) flue dust consists of iron-oxide particles, oxides, carbon and lime, and it
    generated by the blast furnace during smelting and collected in the air pollution system (i.e. bag
    house). It typically consists of iron oxide and 1.5% zinc.
  • EAF dust contains about 15-35 % Zn and some toxic metals such as Pb, Cd and Cr. It is well known that EAF dust is used as a substitute for zinc ores in many countries
  • In order to reduce the cost and even better to make profit from the dust, EAF steelmakers need to find a cost-effective technology to separate zinc from EAF dust.
  • Two approaches of in-process separation of zinc from
    EAF dust are (a) prematurely collecting dust at very
    high temperature while zinc is still in vapor status, and (b)
    prematurely capturing dust immediately after quickly cooling
    EAF off-gas from high temperature to low temperature. Benefit
    of in-process separation of zinc from EAF dust is from saving of
    transportation cost and recycling cost of iron-rich product and
    value increase of high-zinc product.
  • Zinc is shortage forecast for 2015 through 2020
  • EAFD Project of 200,000 tpa may require an investment of US $  110 Millions roughly
Background Information
  • Pyrometallurgical Processes
  • Blast furnace wastes
  • Steel Plant Wastes
  • Wastes Released from Blast Furnace Operation
  • Blast Furnace waste dust
  • Zinc rich steel industry waste
Technology and Patent
  • Caustic Soda Leach of Electric Arc Furnace Dust
  • Pressure Leaching of EAF Dust
    with Sulphuric Acid
  • Separation of Zinc from EAF Dust
  • Zinc and iron removal by
    chlorination roasting.
  • Stabilization of EAF Dust
  • The processing of Zinc containing Materials
  • Zinc from secondary sources
  • Dust Recycling systems
  • Process for the removal of Zinc from Blast Furnace gas wash water
Recycling Process
  • Recovery process
  • Hydrometallurgical process
  • Process for the recovery of Zinc from BOF dusts & sludge
  • Waste and dust utilization in shaft furnaces
  • Dust Supplier
  • Leaching and cementation Eaf dust
  • Recycling Blast Furnace Flue Dust as Pellets
Company Information
  • Company Presentation
  • Company & Projects
  • Company in USA
  • Company performances
  • Company Profile
Machinery Suppliers
  • Equipment Supplier
  • Custom engineered Equipments


  • Technology & Consultancy
  • Project Development
  • Technical Consultant
  • Technology provider
  • Success Story
  • Project Engineering company
  • Project Consultant
  • Zinc Industry Developments
  • Environmental issues
  • Dust recycling
  • Non Ferrous Metal Industry
  • Emissions & regulations
  • Environmental contaminants

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