Bio-based Acetone
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  • The bio-acetone that is co-produced with bio-butanol as an alternative to
    petroleum-based acetone.
  • During bio-butanol production, a large amount of acetone is generated as a
    co-product. Corn-based acetone could displace petroleum-based acetone.
  • The conversion of fermentable sugar to butanol produces acetone and ethanol as co-products which further complicates the allocation process.
  • Acetone was removed from an air stream with a three-stage bioscrubber operated as both a conventional suspended-culture bioscrubber and a sorptive slurry bioscrubber
    with the addition of PAC.
  • Acetone is the major co-product of the bio-butanol plant.
  • Butanol produced from bio-sources (such as corn) could have attractive properties as a transportation fuel.
  •  Production of butanol though a fermentation process called
  • An active biofilm of pseudomonas putida was used for the biodegradation of acetone in a column packed with walnut shell as biofilter.
  • A biofilter packed with walnut shell was implemented to remove acetone from vapor
    phase of the contaminated air stream.
  • Acetone was chosen as an pollutant. This biodegradable solvent is completely miscible
    with water and has a vapor pressure of 200-mm Hg at 22.7C.


  • Bio-based Acetone.
  • Bulk Chemicals from biomass.
  • Bio-based step-growth polymers.
  • Bio-solv: chemistry that works.
  • Bio-based industrial products.

Process & Technology

  • Production of Acetone-Butanol-Ethanol (ABE) using distillers dried grains with solubles.
  • Recent Progress on industrial fermentative production of ABE by clostridium acetobutylicum.
  • Technology Commercialization Opportunity.

MSDS & Product

  • Msds of Nail Varnish Remover.
  • Bio Gel Graffiti Remover .
  • Bio-Solv Property comparison.
  • VertecBio ELSOL - Biobased solvents.
  • BIOACT 108 Precision cleaner.


  • Direct Aqueous phase reforming and aldol condensation to form bio-based fuels.
  • Cells and method for producing acetone.
  • Bio-based carpet material.
  • Bio-based epoxy and methods of making.
  • Lacquer Thinner.
  • Engineered microorganisms for producing propanol.
  • Low voc solvent useful with paints and coatings.


  • List of Suppliers.

Company profiles

  • Company from Japan.
  • Company1 from USA.
  • Company2 from USA.


  • Consultancy from UK.
  • Online Consultants.


  • Life-Cycle Assessment of Corn-based butanol.
  • A sorptive slurry bioscrubber for the control of Acetone.
  • Removal of Acetone from contaminated air in biofilter.


  • Integrating biomass feedstocks into chemical production.
  • Renewable chemicals & fuels from sustainable feedstock's.
  • Producing bio-based bulk chemicals.
  • Measuring the energy and greenhouse gas balances of biofuels.
  • Bridge between agriculture and chemistry.
  • Chemical conversion of renewable.


  • Market demands for bio-products.
  • Assessment of the bio-based products market potential for innovation.

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