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  • Dow Chemical Company and OPX Biotechnologies (OPXBIO) announced a collaboration to develop an industrial scale process for the production of bio-based acrylic acid
  • Using fermentable sugar (corn and cane sugar) feedstock with equal performance qualities as petroleum-based acrylic acid.
  •  The petroleum-based acrylic acid market is $8 billion and growing 3 per cent to 4 per cent per year.
  •  If collaborative research is successful, the companies will commercialization opportunities that could bring bio-based acrylic acid to market in three to five years.
  • Myriant is aggressively advancing our pipeline and diversifying our product offering of bio-based chemicals,” said Cenan Ozmeral, Chief Operating Officer at Myriant.
  • “Bio-acrylic acid, like our first two products, is an important chemical building-block monomer and demand exists for affordable, high-performing drop in bio-acrylic acid for existing large market applications.
  • Strategically and operationally, this is an important pipeline expansion product for the Company.
  • Colorado have agreed to develop an industrial scale process for the production of bio-based acrylic acid from renewable feedstocks.
  • OPX Bio recently completed an 18-month pilot project showing that its technology based on genomic engineering could manufacture acrylic acid from renewable sources.
  • That’s the concept cooking in the R&D and marketing centers of the Dow Chemical Company and OPX Biotechnologies Inc.,
  •  Collaboration aimed at developing an industrial-scale process for the production of bio-based acrylic acid
  • Together with Dow, we aim to deliver bio-based acrylic acid to the market that is cost-competitive and more sustainable.
  •  Dow’s chemical processing and purification expertise will enable us to accelerate demonstration-scale activities and validate the performance of a bio-based acrylic acid in multiple applications.
  • Dow and Opxbi collaborate for bio-based acrylic acid production
  • Myriant Develops Proprietary Process to Produce Bio-Acrylic Acid
    Broadens its Product Pipeline with a Key Development Milestone
  • Start-up Advances Biobased Acrylic Acid


  • Performance materials and
    sustainable development,
    the core of our R&D
  • Consolidate  list of approvals relating to part  of the tariff economy development
  • Presidential Green Chemistry Challenge Awards Program
  • Acrylic acid, stabilized with about 200 ppm MEHQ
  • Biotechnological production of antimicrobial 3-hydroxyproionaldehde
  • Scientific polymer products
  • Promaseal acrylic sealant
  • Trade essentials seal-A-gap acrylic sealant


  • Bio-based binders for insulation
  • Catalyst for production of acrolein and acrylic acid means of dehydration
  • Copolymers including biobased monomers and method of making
  • Innovative long lasting biobased plastic based on polyhydroxyalkanoate
  • Photosetting type bio-based coating composition
  • Pressure sensitive adhesives based on renewable resources
  • Uv/eb curable biobased coating for flooring application


  • Chemsystems Prospectus from diapers to paints is bio acrylic cid
  • Nexant special report
  • Opxbio and Dow Partner on Bio-acrylic acid
  • The Dow Chemical has inked a joint development deal with opx Biotechnologies


  • Suppliers of Mumbai
  • Manufacturers of  Usa
  • Selling leads of Usa
  • Suppliers Usa

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  • Company from Colorado
  • Company from Denvwer
  • Company from Germany
  • Company from London
  • Company from Newyork
  • Company from South charleston
  • Myriant Signs Biodegradable Plastics Partnership
  • Dow and Opxbio partner to produce bio-based acrylic acid
  • Metabolix lands two bioscience patents
  • Dow Chemical, Biotech to Partner on Bio-Based Acrylic Acid


  • Bar shaped catalyst for preparing bio-based acrylic acid and molding method
  • Dow and opx Biotechnologies to Collaborate on Biobased Acrylic Acid
  • Dow and opxbio Collaborating on Renewable Route to Acrylic Acid


  • OPX nears commercial goal for bio-based acrylic acid.(Databank)
  • Dow Chemical and OPX Biotechnologies enter collaboration
  • Dow and Opxbio Collaborating on Renewable Route to Acrylic Acid Companies Focus on Commercial Viability of Production
  • Sweet Deal: Dow and Partner Cook up Sugar-to-Acrylic Plan
  • Method for manufacturing polymer-grade bio-based acrylic acid from glycerol


  • Dow Chemical, Biotech to Partner on Bio-Based Acrylic Acid
  • MBI successfully scales up Opxbio's Bioacrylic process
  • Opxbio achieves fermentation at 3,000-liter scale for BioAcrylic
  • Opx makes ‘cheaper’ bio-acrylic acid
  • Study of a promising  film device for bio-acryliv acid purification by melt crystallazation.

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