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  • Acrylic acid is derived presently from petroleum and is an important monomer in the industrial manufacture of plastics and other polymers. An alternate source of acrylic acid is in the bacterial fermentation of glycerol to 3-hydroxypropionaldehyde (3-HPA) and the subsequent oxidation of 3-HPA to acrylic acid.
  • One route of transformation of glycerol is its conversion to acrolein by the dehydration of this by-product. Acrolein is used as raw material for the
    production of acrylic acid, medicines, detergents, acrylic acid esters and fiber treatments among others.
  • Glycerol is a raw material derived from biomass; it has high oxygen content and being thermally unstable and can be transformed in oxygenated chemicals by deoxygenating processes.
  • The dehydration of glycerol into acrolein was quite sensitive to pressure in supercritical condition because of the variation of proton concentration
    with respect to the pressure in supercritical water.
  • The growth of today’s biodiesel industry has resulted in the development of a parallel glut of glycerol. While glycerol is potentially a structurally well-defined three carbon chemical intermediate, its traditional high cost has resulted in a lack of technology for conversion into other chemical compounds.
Production Process
  • Analysis of Transformation Routes of Glycerol Obtained from Biodiesel Production
  • Bacterial Conversion of Glycerol to Beta-Hydroxypropionaldehyde
  • New Process for Producing Epichlorohydrin Via Glycerol Chlorination
  • Conversion of glycerol to the valuable intermediates acrolein and allyl alcohol in the presence of heterogeneous catalysts
  • Biorefinery Product Opportunities from Glycerol
  • An introduction to R&D
  • Production of 3-Hydroxypropionaldehyde from Glycerol
  • Acrolein Formation from Glycerol in Supercritical Water


  • Glycerin triester plasticizer
  • Process for producing acrylic acid
  • Catalyst for production of Acrolein and Acrylic Acid by means of Dehydration Reaction of Glycerin, and Process for Producing Same
  • Process for producing acrolein and glycerin-containing composition
  • Production of Acrolein, Acrylic acid and Water Absorbent Polymer Structures made from Glycerine
  • Process for Manufacturing Acrolein or Acrylic Acid from Glycerin
  • Process for producing Acrylic Acid, Apparatus for Producing Acrylic acid, and Composition for producing Acrylic Acid
Company Profiles
  • Company from Japan
  • Company from Maharashtra
  • Another Company from Maharashtra
  • Company from Saudi Arabia
  • Company Profile
  • BASF-YPC Integrated Petrochemical Complex, Nanjing, China
  • Japanese company develops acrylic acid-from-biomass process
  • New Technology for Promoting Use of Bio-diesel Fuels
  • Nippon Shokubai announces developing of a technology for
    acrylic acid production from biomass resources
  • Company's Annual Report


  • Company from Chennai
  • Company from New York
  • Company from Paris
  • Company from Colorado

Plant and Technology

  • Plant from New-York
  • Company from Germany
  • Technology and Cost Estimates


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