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Information profile @ a Glance
  • Acrylic acid has many applications such as adhesives ,detergents, fibers and textiles, paint and coating, synthetic rubber ,plastics, resins, super absorbent polymers, personal and hygiene care, clothing, construction equipments, flocculants Industry
  • Propylene is the key raw material utilized in manufacturing of acrylic acid
    Increase in price significantly affects the profit for acrylic acid manufacturers and thus affects the market growth.
  • In this context, the sugar based process assumes importance and is being thought of as another good option
Basic Information
  • Industrial Biotechnology
  • Emerging Technologies
  • Bio chemicals from Sugar
Companies in the field
  • Renewable route
  • Companies collaborating
  • Progress made
Trade Scenario
  • Acrylic Acid Markets
  • Market Trends
  • The potential for bio-based chemicals and materials
  • Techno commercial Information
  • Glacial acrylic acid
  • Consultant - Market reports
Technology Information
  • Research study
  • Bio based products
  • Glycerol recycling
  • Consultant - technology
  • Technology sources
  • Process Details
  • Chemo enzymatic synthesis

Patents Information

  • Selective Acrylation of Sugars
  • Sugar based polymers
  • Purification of bio based Acrylic acid
  • Enzymatic Synthesis of Sugar Acrylates

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