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  • Biopropylene is a patented cereplast resin that contains polyporpylene , starch and a
    blend of selective plasticizers to facilitate starch processing. It is made via reactive
    twin-screw extrusion process. It has two-phase morphology.
  • To make Biopropylene, Cereplast compounds traditional oil-based polypropylene with bio-based materials such as starches from corn, tapioca, wheat and potatoes.
  • The Californian - based company Cereplast claims that its biopropylene resin is an
    industry and could replace traditional polypropylene in the vast majority of
  • These bio - resins replace a significant portion of petroleum - based additives with materials such as starches from tapioca, corn, wheat, and potatoes, meeting the demand from consumers and manufacturers for sustainable plastics.
  • The product from the Cereplast Hybrid Resins TMfamily is Biopropylene 50 TM,  a 50% petroleum and 50% starch - based resin exhibiting physical characteristics similar to those of traditional polypropylene.
  • Bio-Propylene.
  • Bio-based Chemicals.
  • Biopropylene PP-based resins.


  • Demonstration of Biofuel production technology from Non-edible biomass resources.


  • New Starch-Based Bioplastics Arrive.
  • Cereplast unveils the world's first sustainable polypropylene-Biopropylene.
  • Patenting new routes to propylene.
RawMaterial Suppliers
  • Polypropylene.
  • Corn Starch.

Company Profile & Consultancy

  • Company1 from USA.
  • Company2 from USA.
  • Company3 from USA.
  • Consultancy from US.


  • Advanced materials from novel bio-based resins.
  • Plant to plastics-can nature compete in commodity polymers?
  • Evolving propylene sources.
  • C&L America Inc. Bio-PET and Bio-propylene.


  • Biodegradable polymers and their practical utility.
  • Dow studies bio-based propylene routes.


  • New bio-based propylene to hit the market.
  • Cereplast announces results of greenhouse gases study of biopropylene.
  • Forecast of bio-based propylene.
  • Future of bioplastics and cereplast.


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