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  • CNSL Oil and Hexamine is being reacted in the reactor which is when heated to get the final product CNSL Resin
  • The cashew nut shell liquid as extracted has a strong vesicant dramatic action.Before this liquid is utilised for preparation of resins, it requires treatment to get rid of metallic impurities as well as traces of sulphur compounds. The liquid thus treated is known as treated Cashew Nut Shell Liquid.
  • A CNSL based adhesive for blending concrete to wooden surface has been
  • Adhesives suitable for plywood are made by oxidising CNSL with potassium permanganate or Manganese dioxide at 100 deg. C reacted with Paraformaldehde and compounded with cuprous chloride. Also CNSL modified with furfural, aniline, xylol etc, gives good plywood adhesives

Background Information

  • Chemicals from Cashew
  • CSNL Applications
  • Cashew Value Chain

Product & Company Information

  • Company & products
  • Data Sheet
  • Liquid Cnsl Resin
  • Company & Products
  • CSNL Resin manufacturers
  • Company & Products
  • CSNL Resin manufacturer
  • Reinforcing Phenol Formaldehyde Resin

Technology Information

  • Production of Wood Adhesive from Cashew Nut Shell Oil
  • Bio Resins
  • Adhesives Using Tannin and Cnsl
  • Production of Gum from Cashew Tree Latex
  • Comparison of Resins

Project Information

  • CSNL Resin
  • CSNL
  • Resin Plants suppliers
  • Technology Institute

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