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  • An organic compound having Chemical formula CN2H2 which is a white solid is being used in agriculture and the production of pharma-ceuticals and other organic compounds.
  • Cyanamide derivatives compound are also referred to as cyanamides, the most common is calcium Cyanamide(CaCN2).
  • Synonyms of Cyanamide are Amidocyanogen, carbamonitrile, carbimide, carbodiimide, cyanoamine, cyanoazane, N-cyano amine,cyanogenamide, cyanogen amide, cyanogen nitride, diiminomethane, hydrogen cyanamide, methane diimide.
  • Cyanamide is produced by continuous hydrolysis of calcium cyanamide, which in turn is prepared from
    calcium carbide via the Frank-Caro process.
  • When Cyanic acid vapor or its tautomer is heated in content with an inert, inorganic heat-stable highly porous adsorbent of high surface area such as silica gel, at a temperature of at least 450C , a reaction mass is formed containing Cyanamide. This Cyanamide is formed on the surface of the adsorbent, which is recovered by the preferred method to leach the adsorbent mass with water.
  • As the undiluted material, a colourless deliquescent, almost odourless crystalline solid.
  • It can be stabilised in acidic solutions such as phosphoric acid, sulphuric acid and acetic acid.
  • Used as a chemical intermediate for dicyandiamide in melamine manufacture. It is also used in fumigants, metal cleaners, production of synthetic rubber and chemical synthesis.
  • A common agricultural rest-breaking agent applied in spring to stimulate uniform
    opening of buds, early foliation and bloom.
  • By the application of hydrogen cyanamide in combination with improved pesticidal effect, agricultural crops are protected from the growth of undesirable vegetation.
  • In order to improve the storage stability of the cyanamide aqueous solution, a dicarboxylic acid such as adipic acid is added to a cyanamide aqueous solution.
  • Depending on the reaction stoichiometry, Cyanamide is capable of forming two sodium compounds monosodium cyanamide and disodium cyanamide.
  • For a long time lead Cyanamide was of technological importance as an active anti-corrosion
    pigment that acts as an alkaline passivator.
  • Pure Cyanamide is a sand-like solid which is commonly used in a 25% liquid solution, used to
    make Melamine and Dicyandiamine and also a fertilizer, weed killer and defoliant.


  • Cyanamide.
  • Executive Summary.
  • Information about Hydrogen Cyanamide.
  • Cyanamide Nature.

Raw Materials

  • Calcium Cyanamide.
  • Sulphuric Acid.


  • Pesticidal Property of Hydrogen Cyanamide.
  • Properties of Cyanamide.


  • Cyanamide-13C.
  • Cyanamide MSDS.
  • Cyanamide, Stabilized,95%.
  • Cyanamide 35% Aqueous Solution.
  • Cyanamide 95% TECH.
  • Cyanamide,50% Aqueous Solution.
  • Msds of Cyanamide.
  • Hydrogen Cyanamide.
  • Safety sheet of Cyanamide.
  • Cyanamide, 99+%.
  • Cyanamide 95% (titr.).
  • Msds of Hydrogen Cyanamide.


  • Hydrogen Cyanamide 50% Solution.
  • Cyanamide.
  • Cyanamide Solution.


  • Determination of Cyanamide.
  • Preparation of Cyanamide.
  • Determination of hydrogen cyanamide residues in saltwater.
  • Cyanamide and Allied Compounds.


  • Storage Stable Compositions containing hydrogen cyanamide.
  • Hydrogen Cyanamide Pesticide Formulations.
  • Cyanamide Aqueous Solution.
  • Acrylated Cyanamide Composition.
  • Preparing Melamine from Cyanamide.
  • Determination of Cyanamide in plants.
  • Preparation of Cyanamide.
  • Production of Cyanamide.
  • Vapor phase preparation of Cyanamide from Cyanic Acid.
  • Stabilized Cyanamide Solutions.
  • 2-Benzimidazolecarbamic Acid Esters by the Cyanamide Process.
  • Reaction products of protein with Cyanamide under acidic conditions.


  • Risk Assessment problem formulation -Cyanamide.
  • Hydrogen Cyanamide Risk Characterization Document.
  • Hazardous - Fact Sheet.
  • Health- based Reassessment of Cyanamide.
  • Toxicity Profile for Hydrogen Cyanamide.
  • Exposure of Cyanamide.


  • Safety and Health Guideline for Cyanamide.


  • Suppliers from China.
  • List of Suppliers.
  • Suppliers List1.
  • Suppliers List2.

Company Profile &Consultancy

  • Company from Germany.
  • Company from India.
  • Company1 from China.
  • Company2 from China.
  • Company3 from China.
  • Expert from New York.


  • Hydrogen Cyanamide Advances Pecan Budbreak.
  • Timing of hydrogen cyanamide application to grapevine buds.
  • Surfactants improve the response of Grapevines to Hydrogen Cyanamide.
  • Safe Transport of Cyanamide.
  • Cyanamide-derived non precious metal catalyst for oxygen reduction.
  • Cyanamide contained in Several Fabaceae Plants.
  • Hydrogen Cyanamide enhances MRI-measured water status in flower buds of peach.
  • Cyanamide-convenient building block to synthesize 4-aryl-2-cyanoimino-3 system via a multicomponent reaction.
  • Greener Synthesis of Creatine.
  • Water-Ice Catalyzed Thermal Isomerization of Cyanamide into Carboiimide.
  • Hydrogen Cyanamide Interact in Breaking Dormancy of Grape Buds.


  • Cyanamide Activation of Peroxide bleaching.
  • Hydrogen Cyanamide on bud emergence in wine grapes.
  • Hydrogen Cyanamide Induces Budbreak of Peaches and Nectarines following Inadequate Chilling.
  • Review report for the active substance Cyanamide.
  • Hydrogen Cyanamide on Amino Acid Profiles in Kiwifruit Buds during Bud break.


  • Commercial-scale use of hydrogen cyanamide for apple and peach blossom thinning.
  • Cyanamide as an Amindinating Reagent.
  • Use of Hydrogen Cyanamide to improve budburst in cane pruned Riesling.
  • Wheat Transformation using Cyanamide as a New Selective Agent.
  • Update of Hydrogen Cyanamide.


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