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  • A natural starch from wheat or corn which has been chemically modified, the resultant starch is oxidized starch or Dialdehyde starch.
  • DAS is a polymeric dialdehyde prepared from selective oxidation of starch by periodate ions which cleaves the C2-C3 bond of the anhydroglucose units of the starch polysaccharide chain to form the dialdehyde groups.
  • Synonyms are polydialdehyde, oxidized starch, polymeric dialdehyde, starch2,3-dialdehydo.
  • There are many uses including the paper industry, where it has been mainly to improve the wet strength of consumer products. These products include toilet paper and paper towels.
  • A reactive polymer with low toxicity, considering its reactive dialdehyde functional groups, similar to glutaraldehyde.
  • DAS is essentially a highly modified starch in which the  Hydroxy groups are selectively attacked by periodic acid, severing the C-2 to C-3 bond to form dialdehyde starch.
  • Obtained by oxidation of starch with periodic acid at controlled temperature and pH.
  • The highly reactive Dialdehyde groups in starch can be used as cross linking agents. Most of the
    applications are based on a cross linking reaction, eg. cellulose in paper, cotton in textiles, with proteins, pharmaceuticals and leather.
  • The capital investment for a capable of producing 120 tones Dialdehyde starch per annum has been estimated at Rs. 5 Lakhs. The material work costs upto Rs.5 per kg.
  • It has wide application in tanning industry apart from this it also used in plywood industry, as a binding material in tobacco industry in protective coating industry.
  • In the form of  solution, it can be used as masked chrome tanning agent & increase the capacity of chrome tanning agent alkali was carbonylation dialdehyde starch as a high degree of ionization and masked with a stronger role.
  • In medical applications, DAS used as a chemical scavenger for urea and


  • Dialdehyde Starch.
  • Wet strength development with Dialdehyde Starch.
  • Novel antiviral activity of dialdehyde starch.
  • Property of Dialdehyde Starch.
  • Recent Progress in Dialdehyde Starch Technology.

Raw Materials

  • Tapioca Starch.
  • Sodium Iodate.
  • Sodium Metaperiodate.


  • Dialdehyde Starch.
  • Polymeric Dialdehyde.


  • Product description about Dialdehyde Starch.


  • Preparation of Dialdehyde Tapioca Starch.
  • Chemical Process for Making Dialdehyde Starch.
  • Preparation of a new dialdehyde starch derivative.
  • Catalytic Activity of Dialdehyde Starch-Schiff Base Co(II) Complex.
  • Hydrolysis of Dialdehyde Starch with Sulfurous Acid.
  • Polymeric Products from the reaction of dialdehyde Starches with chlorine in methanol.
  • Producing Dialdehyde Starch.


  • Dialdehyde Starch as Gelatin Hardener.
  • Method of Attaching Dialdehyde Starch to a surface & products produced.
  • Mineral Tanned leather treated with Dialdehyde Starch.
  • Thermoplastic Mixtures containing Dialdehyde Starch.
  • Method of making nongelling aqueous cationic dialdehyde starch Compositions.


  • Supplier List1.
  • Supplier List2.
  • List of Suppliers.
  • Supplier from Florida.
  • Supplier1 from Hong Kong.
  • Supplier2 from Hong Kong.

Company Profile &Consultancy

  • Company1 from India.
  • Company2 from India.
  • Company3 from India.
  • Company4 from India.
  • Consultancy from India.


  • Tanning Studies with Dialdehyde Starch.
  • Mill Evaluation of Dialdehyde Starch-Protein glue for hardwood plywood manufacture.
  • Binding of Papain to Dialdehyde Starch.
  • Physical Properties of Egg-White Dialdehyde Starch Films.
  • Dialdehyde Starch in paper Coatings containing Soy Flour-Isolated Soy Protein Adhesive.
  • Studies on methods of Starch modification.
  • Determination of Chromium and lead in periodic acid solution and dialdehyde starch.
  • Studies on reuse of DAS tanning liquors in pertanning of hides for sole leather.
  • Intrinsic Viscosity of Dialdehyde Starch in alkaline urea after reduction.
  • Bacterial inactivation kinetics of dialdehyde starch aqueous suspension.
  • Effect of dialdehyde starch derivatives on heavy metal uptake by maize.


  • Reactivity of Aldehyde groups in dialdehyde starch.
  • Sustainable Processing of natural resources.
  • Thermoplastic Gelatin Oxidized Starch.
  • Paper-Plastic Films.


  • DAS Application in drug carrier.
  • Property improvement of fish water soluble protein films by DAS.
  • A DAS pretannage for rapid tanning of sole leather.
  • Modified Starch application in Leather Industry.



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