Disposable Surgical Blades
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Project at a Glance Contents on the CD ROM
  • Standard Surgical Blades are available in both high carbon and stainless steel and manufactured as per requirements.
  • Each blade is individually packed by using aluminium foil.
  • Manufacturing surgical blades includes the crystalline wafers by mounting them and machining trenches into the wafers.
  • Machining the trenches forms the bevel blade surfaces and the wafers are
    placed in an etchant solution which etches the wafers such that the layers of crystalline are removed. Nearly any angle can be machined into the wafer. The resulting radii of the blade edges is 5-500nm.
  • By a colour coded sticker on unit boxes as well as on the reverse side of the foil peel-pack we will clearly identify the blade sizes.
  • Each disposable blade is sterilized using gamma irradiation, individually wrapped and sealed to ensure aseptic technique and long shelf life.
  • Medical blades are typically much sharper and are held to much more stringent process control parameters than consumer blades.
  • A sterile blade dispenser facilitates removal of dulled used blades as well as the mounting of sharp unused blades on a scalpel during a surgical procedure.
  • Used for the basic surgical surgery for cutting soft tissues.
  • Stainless steel single-piece surgical blades are strong and corrosion-resistant to provide superior cutting ability.
  • Use of Surgical blades must be part of undergraduate training & always be stored lying flat and always use pliers when removing blades then dispose the blades in designated containers.


  • Surgical Blades.
  • Standard Surgical Blades.
  • Product sheet of Surgical Blades.
  • Summary of Surgical Blades.

Raw Materials

  • Stainless Steel.
  • Carbon Steel.


  • Demotek-Surgical Blades.
  • Sterile Disposable Blades.
  • Standard Surgical Blades.
  • Carbon Steel Blades.
  • Surgical Blades.
  • Disposable Surgical Blades.
  • Sterile Stainless Steel Surgical Blades.
  • Disposable Sterile Surgical Blades.
  • Sterile Surgical Blades.


  • Edge Finishing Surgical Blades using the FARADAYIC Process.


  • Disposable Safety Surgical Blade.
  • Method of Manufacture of Surgical Blades.
  • Handle with Removable Disposable Surgical Blade.
  • Disposable Sterile Surgical Adaptor.
  • Coated Surgical Blade.
  • Surgical Blade Remover.
  • Surgical Blade for use with a surgical tool.
  • Disposable Surgical Blade Holder.
  • Surgical Blade Dispenser.


  • New Concept for the hardening of polymers allowing the production of Disposable Surgical Blades preventing the need for Sterilization.

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Safety Measures

  • Operating Procedure for use of Surgical Blades.
  • Safe and quick way to remove surgical blades.
  • Surgical Blades-Safety designed for operating room.


  • Automatic Surgical Blade Grinding Machine.
  • Surgical Blade Packaging Machine.

Company Profile

  • Company1 from India.
  • Company2 from India.
  • Company3 from India.
  • Company from China.
  • Company from New Delhi.
  • Company from England.
  • Company from Maharashtra.
  • Company from US.


  • Consultancy from Germany.
  • Online Consultancy.


  • Supplier from India.
  • Suppliers from China.
  • Manufacturers from India.


  • Surgical Blade.
  • Sharpness improvement of surgical blade by means of metallic glass.


  • Surgical Blade Removal.
  • A simply safer way of removing blades in operating rooms.
  • Scalpel Blades-Reducing Injury.

Market Demands

  • Safety Scalpels-Market Report.

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