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  • A scalpel is a small but extremely sharp knife used for surgery, anatomical dissection, and various arts and crafts.
  • Scalpels may be disposable or re-usable.
  • Scalpel blades are usually of hardened and tempered steel.
  • Surgical scalpels consist of two parts, a blade and a handle.
  • A laser scalpel is a scalpel for surgery, cutting or ablating living biological tissue by the energy of laser light.
  • The Futura Safety Scalpel is the only safety scalpel currently on the market that employs automated retraction.
  • New diode-pumped solid-state lasers doped with thulium can be wavelength-tuned around the local water absorption peak at 1.94Ám, making them attractive as versatile laser scalpels.
  • A fine layer of a ceramic material based on titanium oxide that groups together bactericidal and anti-microbe properties on the surface of medical and dental instruments such as scalpels, pincers and drills for creating a nanostructured material that is self-sterilizing.
  • Two broad approaches developed by manufacturers to improve scalpel safety 1. Safety Scalpels. 2. Combination of single handed scalpel blade remover with a passing tray.
  • The effects of excursion, frequency, and application force on the cutting rate of an ultrasonic surgical instrument such as the Harmonic Scalpel can be examined using therapeutic ultrasound technology.
  • The surgical treatment of agespecific facial and brow wrinkles and folds by the subcutaneous dissection technique can be improved using a new surgical device, the so-called wire scalpel.
  • Surgical blades and scalpels make up a $50 million annual market, with sales increases and decreases varying among the individual niche market.
  • A Supplier is likely to target the emergency room market with the new product, where sales of disposable scalpels are growing because of the increasing number of patients infected with HIV.
  • In the specialty blade and scalpel market, ophthalmic scalpels account for the largest increase in sales. Other specialty blade markets, such as those used for podiatry and ear, nose and throat surgery, are stable.
  • Scalpel
  • Glass Scalpels
  • Retractable safety scalpel
  • Laser scalpel
  • Futura Safety Scalpel


  • Scalpel application
  • SPI supplies brand diamond scalpel blades
  • Randomized Controlled Trial of Harmonic Scalpel Use During Thyroidectomy
  • The rounded Siegel scalpel handle
  • Selection of safety scalpels
  • Safe Scalpel Technique


  • Retractable safety scalpel
  • Effects of Frequency on the Cutting Ability of an Ultrasonic Surgical Instrument
  • No-needle jet anesthetic technique for no-scalpel vasectomy
  • Sharps safety matters
  • A wire scalpel


  • List of safety-engineered sharp devices
  • The Harmonic Scalpel
  • Disposable scalpels
  • Scalpel-type Knives for normal and heavy-duty work
  • Scalpel blade, scalpel handle


  • Developing thulium lasers for depth-selective scalpels
  • Retractable safety scalpel
  • Safety scalpel
  • Self cleaning scalpel
  • Utility of the ultrasonic scalpel in the surgical treatment


  • Dental scalpel
  • Disposable syringe needle and scalpel holder
  • Double-bladed scalpel
  • Retractable surgical scalpel
  • Safety scalpel
  • scalpel
  • Disposable surgical scalpel


  • Company in United States
  • Another Company in United States
  • Another Company in United States
  • Company in Germany
  • Company in NewYork
  • Company in Canada


  • Consultant in Newyork
  • Consultant in Los Angeles
  • Consultant in Florida
  • Consultant in United States
Safety Issues
  • Scalpels effects
  • The Disposable Scalpel with Retractable Blade
  • Effect of Electrocautery vs. Scalpel on Fascial Mechanical Properties after Midline Laparotomy Incision in Rats
  • Stressed skin effect
  • Tonsillectomy using ultrasonic scalpel

Report And Market

  • Taking a scalpel to the cost side of their business
  • Scalpel-free surgery could reduce risk of HIV and hepatitis exposure for health care workers
  • Scalpel-free surgery could reduce risk of HIV and hepatitis exposure for health care workers
  • Scalpel and blade market driven by product quality price
  • Scalpel manufacturers and suppliers
  • Scalpel suppliers
  • Scalpel importers and suppliers
  • Scalpel sellers and manufacturers
  • Scalpel suppliers and manufacturers
  • Scalpel buyers and manufacturers
  • Scalpels exporters


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