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  • French fries are among the highest saleable potato products
  • The demands for these products have increased over the years and therefore require that more effort is made to develop varieties with appropriate qualities for the rapidly developing Industry
  • The market of processed potato products in India is growing at the rate of 20% per annum. The
    estimates of trade sources and sector studies indicate a market share of about 30% of potato
    based products in total 2500 crores snack food market
  • Japan accounted highest imports of fry shipments followed by china, Hong Kong, Mexico and
    Taiwan and Republic of Korea.
  • The organized market for frozen French fries in India is estimated at over 3000 tons/ annum, mostly contributed by imported French fries. The
    estimated domestic production of French fries is about 600 MT. There are also some Quick
    service food chains, and individual large restaurants making French fries for captive
  • The major end users of French fries are Restaurants, Bars, Flight Caterers , Luxury Trains, Retail sales
  • Potato wedges is the spicy variants of French fries
  • French fries and wedges are the marketing oriented products, require more concentrated
    marketing and promotional efforts
  • Arab countries can be an attractive market for India as the imports of frozen French fries have a significant share.Presently, USA and European countries fulfill their market need. Assure quality of products can make India competitive for these markets due to the lower freight charges. Countries like Sri Lanka, Bangladesh & Nepal could have good market for India as they consume French fries in significant quantities.
  • French Fry
  • French Fry Cooking
  • French Fry Flavours
  • Potato Products
  • Potato Processing
  • French Fried Potato Products
  • Pre-fried and Frozen
    Sweet potato French-fry Products
  • Sage Russet
  • Starting French Fry Production
  • Sweet potato fries
  • Potato Varieties for French fries


  • French Fry - Market trends
  • Consumer Culture
  • Selling French fry
  • Selling solutions
  • French Fry sampling
  • Bangladesh Industry
  • Industry in Canada
  • Frozen French Fries - Japan
  • Frozen Potato products of Canada
  • Frozen potato products of China
  • Potentials in USA
  • Potato Market - Newsletter
  • Regulations

Sample Project Profiles

  • Project Concept
  • 500 kg/ Hour project
  • 8 tons/day project
  • 10000 tons per year
  • 1920 tons per year
  • Project Consultant

Product Manufacturing Companies

  • Company Prospects
  • Innovative Process
  • Technology Company
  • Company profile

Technology & Equipments

  • Fryers
  • Automated deep frying system
  • Deep Frying Technology
  • Blanching system
  • Technology - USA
  • Machinery supplier
  • French Fry Cutter
  • Colorimeter
  • Defect removal system
  • Sorting Machine
  • French Fry Dispenser
  • Equipments from Canada
  • Refrigeration Technologies
  • Color quality variation of French fries
  • Holder
  • Equipments Supplier
  • French Fry Machinery suppliers
  • Packaging Solution
  • Project Engineers
  • Quality Assurance

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