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  • German firm GigaMethanol BV along with Mozambican company Incitec Group have proposed to build a US$3.5 billion gas-to-liquids (GTL) plant in Inhambane, Mozambique.
  • Economy of scale promises a significant reduction inspecific investment cost
  • The project was announced in Munich as part of a presentation to the Mozambican Prime Minister, Aires Ali.
  • Under the proposal, the companies would utilize gas from the Pande and Temane fields to produce 3.5 million tonnes per year (Mt/y) of methanol.
  • Of that amount, 2.5 Mt/y would be exported, 0.5 Mt/y would be transformed into gasoline and the remaining 0.5 Mt/y would be used as raw material for solvent, adhesive, glue and plastics production.
  • Economy of scale promises a significant reduction in specific investment cost compared to Mega Methanol technology.
  • Consisting of two trains producing 20000 ton methanol per day.Second train is a 100 percent copy of the first, together with common utilities resulting in expected cost savings of 30 – 40 percent for the second train
  • Resulting in a yearly production of 7 million ton methanol, representing 15 percent of today’s world methanol production.
  • German Firm GigaMethanol Proposes GTL Facility in Mozambique
  • GigaMethanol and Gas to Gasoline
  • Janu and oci nitrogen form methanol and ammonia
  • Methane to Methanol to Gasoline for $2.85 a Gallon
  • Missed opportunity in methanol?

Manufacturing plant

  • Manufacturing plant from Mozambique


  • Consultancy from Chennai


  • N,N-Dimethylaniline from aniline by liquid phase methylation
  • Future fuels for Australia
  • Swiss company outlines methanol-to-gasoline option for Alaska North Slope gas to state legislature

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