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  • The supplied synonym for methoxyacetone are 1-Methoxyacetone, Methoxy-2-propanone, 1-Methoxy-2-propanone, ,Methoxymethyl methyl ketone, 2-PROPANONE, 1-METHOXY-EINECS 227-549-0.
  • Methanol and propylene oxide was synthesized from 1 - methoxy -2 - propanol.
  • A process for making methoxyacetone is disclosed. The process comprises oxidizing 1-methoxy-2-propanol in the liquid phase using aqueous
    hydrogen peroxide and a Group 8-10 transition metal catalyst.
  • Ketones can readily be used in proline-catalyzed Mannich three-component reactions with excellent results. Three different ketones such as butanone, methoxyacetone, and hydroxyacetone were used in this reaction.
  • Analysis of various plastics to wood ratios by Py-GC/MS showed that a 50:50 wt/wt ratio produced the highest level of low molecular weight  compounds such as 1-methoxy-2-propanone best for fuel viscosity.

General Information

  • Methoxyacetone product catalog
  • Methoxyacetone - Compound Summary

Company Profile & Suppliers

  • Company from Hong Kong
  • Company from New Jersey
  • Suppliers of Methoxyacetone
  • Selling leads of Methoxyacetone
  • Methoxyacetone Exporters

Process & Application

  • Development of fuel and value-added chemicals from pyrolysis of wood/waste plastic mixture.
  • Identification of an Unknown Alcohols, Aldehydes, and Ketones
  • Kinetics of the gas-phase reactions of NO3 radicals with a series of alcohols, glycol ethers, ethers and chloroalkenes
  • Synthesis of Methoxyacetone
  • The Proline-Catalyzed Direct Asymmetric Three-Component Mannich Reaction: Scope, Optimization, and Application to the Highly Enantioselective Synthesis of 1,2-Amino Alcohols
Patent & Material Safety Data Sheet
  • Dehydrogenation of alkylene glycol ethers to ether ketones and aldehydes
  • Methoxyacetone Preparation
  • Process for producing alkoxy ketones
  • Method and composition to increase the life of Liquid hydroxy-and alkoxyalkyl ketones
  • Methoxyacetone, 96%

Risk Management

  • Environmental risk management authority for hazardous substance
  • Migration and health assessment of chemical substances in surface
    treated wooden toys

Raw Suppliers

  • Alcohol Suppliers
  • Copper Chromite Suppliers
  • Copper Suppliers
  • Hydrogen Peroxide Suppliers
  • Methoxy-2-Propanol Suppliers

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