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  • A decorative acrylic copolymer and granite-marble based coating material for exterior and interior walls.
  • Raw Materials required for mineral plasters are mineral binders, such as lime and cement, fillers, pigments, and additives such as cellulose ether and starch ether, as well as organic polymeric binders.
  • Synonyms of Mineral Plasters are Mineral Stone Plaster, Natural Stone Plaster, Stone Plaster.
  • Properties having ultraviolet rays resistance so it wouldn’t crack and also a good adhesion with the foundation so that it could be easily maintained and cleaned.
  • Depending on the size of the contained grains, varieties of decorative mineral plaster are available.
  • Mineral plaster CL132 is a product intended for indoor and outdoor decorative of the buildings surfaces and is used on all even mineral substrates, such as: concrete, foam.
  • The market standard for a mineral plaster which is to be called natural is that it should be at least 95% natural ingredients.


  • Mineral Plaster Technology.
  • Mineral Plasters.
  • Mineral Plasters for long-lasting masonry protection.
  • Plaster that's solid as a rock.
  • General Description about Mineral Plaster.


  • Decorative Plaster.
  • UP-Therm Projection Plaster.
  • CT 34 - Smooth Mineral Plaster.
  • Mineral Plaster base board.
  • Plaster Tonachino.
  • Mineral Plaster-Stone Structure.
  • Light Mineral Plaster.
  • Vivaldi Stucky.
  • Mineral Plaster Woodworm.


  • Plaster Composition and method of making same.
  • Template for applying relief plastering on a wall surface.


  • Mineral Plaster Mining Machine.

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Company Profile

  • Company from Germany.
  • Company1 from New Zealand.
  • Company2 from New Zealand.
  • Company from USA.
  • Mineral Plaster Company.
  • Company from Italy.


  • Consultancy from Europe.
  • Consultancy from Switzerland.
  • Consultancy from Canada.
  • Plasters Consultancy.


  • Suppliers from China.
  • List of Suppliers.


  • Scherff Acoustic Plaster using Natural Mineral.
  • Plaster Systems for render brick construction.
  • Composite facade system with mounting boards and plaster finish.


  • Analysis of Decorative Plasters Market.
  • Decorative Plasters Market -ready to use.

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