Cellulose Ether
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  • Cellulose ether are impregnated into seven inorganic additives they are zinc(II) chloride, cadmium(II) bromide, diammonium hydrogenphosphate, boric acid, borax, sodium dihydrogenphosphate and ammonium nickel(II) sulphate.
  • Raw material of cellulose ether are cellulose and ether.
  • Cellulose is an organic compound and its structure of formula is (C6H10O5)n.
  • It using a colorimetric method and it consists of adding 0.25 ml of 85% phenol solution and 1.3 ml of sulfuric acid 0.5 ml of supernatant in tubes, which were then closed and vortex stirred.
  • It is an odourless and tasteless white and slightly yellow powder, and it used cellulose as a primary source, which can be obtained from cotton and wood.
  • Cellulose ether used building material are hydroxypropyl methyl cellulose, methyl cellulose, hydroxyethyl cellulose, ethyl cellulose,polyanionic cellulose, hydroxypropyl cellulose, carboxy methyl cellulose.
  • All the cellulose ether investigated had a calcium concentration closed to the reference sample of calcium hydroxide and deionized water and it induced negligible complex formation with calcium ions and it also unlike sugar.
  • The preparation of cellulose ether obtained primary automatic amino groups.
  • Cellulose ether consists of alkalization or alkylation of cellulose.
  • 1 g per liter of deionized water of cellulose ether were stirred with excess calcium hydroxide for 48 hours.
  • As cellulose ethers are thickener agents and the solution turned into gel during evaporation.
  • Cellulose ethers are water soluble polymers and it derived from cellulose and it act as thickeners, binders,
    film formers and water retention agents.
  • Evaluation of cellulose ethers for conservation
  • Methocel cellulose ethers
  • Cellulose ether particle size on water retention
  • Methocel cellulose ethers
  • Non-Ionic cellulose ether


  • Msds of cellulose ether
  • Ethyl cellulose ether
  • Msds of carboxymethyl cellulose ether

Manufacturing process

  • Cellulose ethers as suspending agents for suspension
  • Methocel cellulose ethers binders and processing aids
  • Process of Methocel cellulose ethers
  • Introduction to cellulose ethers.
  • A new type of cellulose ether


  • Product of cellulose ether
  • Hansen solubility parameters for selected cellulose ether derivatives
  • Cellulose ether HPMC tile adhesive
  • Product of cellulose ether similar


  • Cellulose ethers for chemical extrusion
  • Preparing alkali cellulose and cellulose ether
  • Cellulose ether composition for dry motor formulation
  • Granulation of nonionic cellulose ether
  • Method of separating water soluble cellulose ether
  • Method of preparing modified cellulose ether
  • Preparing  low viscosity cellulose ether and product
  • Manufacture of methyl cellulose ether
  • Suppliers from India
  • Suppliers from India1
  • Suppliers from China
  • Suppliers from China1
  • List of suppliers
  • List1 of Suppliers

Company profiles

  • Company from China
  • Company from China1
  • Company from China2
  • Company from Canada
  • Company from Canada1
  • Company from Germany

Raw material suppliers

  • Cellulose
  • Ether
Equipment suppliers
  • Supplier from China
  • Suppliers from China1

Uses & Effects

  • Using Methocel cellulose ethers for controlled release of drugs
  • Effect of carboxymethyl cellulose & ethyl cellulose
  • Human health effects
  • Impact of cellulose ethers on the cement paste microstructure
  • Effect of cellulose ethers on water retention


  • Cellulose ethers market by derivative & application
  • Price of cellulose ether
  • Industrial cellulose ether
  • Price of Cellulose ethers  for wall putty
  • Global cellulose ethers market worth $2.3 billion by 2017


  • Cellulose ethers influence on water retention and consistency
  • Current understanding of cellulose ethers
  • Aspects of cellulose ethers influence on water transport & porous structure


  • Alkaline stability of cellulose ether
  • Properties of cellulose ethers
  • Influence of cellulose ether polymers on ketoprofen release
  • Network structure of cellulose ethers

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