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  • Synonyms of Nonylamine are nonyl-amine, n-Nonylamine and Aminononane.
  • Molecular Formula of Nonylamine: C9H21N
  • Nonane is a linear alkane hydrocarbon with the chemical formula C9H20.Its substituent form is nonyl
  • In organic chemistry and biochemistry, a substituent is an atom or group of atoms substituted in place of a hydrogen atom on the parent chain of a hydrocarbon
  • Non´yl:The hydrocarbon radical, C9H19-, derived from nonane and forming many compounds. Used also adjectively; as, nonyl alcohol.
  • Nonylamines are manufactured by reacting a 1,3-diolefine with a Schiff's base in the presence of certain nickel catalysts. The new compounds are suitable for combating micro-organisms, for example in the protection of materials.
  • Used as intermediate in fine chemical synthesis
  • Nonylamines are use as disinfectants
  • The amines vapors is introduced directly  by a flow of air, doped with the Nonylamine.
  • At the 150 8C produces a mixture of addition products during the reaction of silica-supported fullerene with vaporous Nonylamine.
  • Additionally the n- Nonylamine vapors to the carrier gas stream helps control the ionization processes.
  • The elemental analysis data and the number of the nonylamine molecules attached to C is 3 at the average.
  • The Thermo gravimetric analysis of Nonylamine viewed two weight losses the first one between 360 and 590 8C due to thermal decomposition of nonylamine moieties.
  • Another Nonylamine shows one between 725 and 840 8C due to decomposition of the remaining fullerene-derived carbonized materials.
  • The silica gel and toluene comes to Aldrich  in nonylamine and the methanol, fullerene and it were used as received, without further purification.
  • Decomposition of Nonylamine resulting in the elimination of ammonia.
  • Additional feature of Nonylamine in ion mobility studies was its significantly lower mobility compared to those of the product ions generated.
  • Nonane will float on water since its density is less than water (density of water = 1,0 g/mL). The hydrophobic nature of nonane, a hydrocarbon, means that it will not mix with water. Its 157 degree bp is much hotter than room temperature, therefore it is not a gas at rt. Nonane is a hydrocarbon, therefore, it will undergo combustion. And its -51 degree mp means that it will be melted at room tempertature....
  • Nonylamine - Properties.
  • Potential Cancerostatic Benfluron
  • Nonane Isomers


  • Nonylamine
  • n-Nonylamine
  • (R)-2-Aminononane
  • Msds of n-Nonylamine
  • Di-n-nonylamine
  • Data sheet of n-Nonylamine, 98%
  • Data sheet of N-Nonylamine
  • Msds of n-Nonylamine


  • Product -Nonylamine
  • Nonylamine
  • Nonylamine, 99+%
  • Another product of n-Nonylamine
  • 1-Aminononane
  • Tri-N-Nonylamine


  • Nanylamine for Synthesis.
  • Ion Mobility Spectrometry Arrays.
  • Reaction of silica-supported fullerene C60 with Nonylamine vapor.


  • Nonylamine
  • Nonylamines
  • Composition comprising a pesticide and an alkoxylate of Iso-Nonylamine
  • Selling leads of Nonylamine
  • Exporters of Nonylamine
  • Suppliers list of Nonylamine

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  • Consultancy from India.
  • Consultancy from China.
  • Online Consultancy.
  • Consultant - China


  • Diagnosing vaginal infections through measurement of biogenic amines.
  • Contribution of liquid-phase & gas-phase ionization.
  • Phenotype determination of omeprazole.
  • Studies on Chemical Reactions on carbon nanotubes tips.
  • Studies on formation, toxicity and guest molecule incorporation.
  • Joint toxicity of similarly acting chemicals to different response levels.

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