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  • Palmyrah pertains to the subfamily Borassoideae of the palm family Arecaceae.
  • Palmyrah (Borassus flabellifer L.), a tropical palm, adorns the dry landscape of the semi arid regions of Tamil Nadu (TN), Andhra Pradesh, Orissa, West Bengal, Bihar, Karnataka and Maharashtra.
  • Palmyrah is a dioecious palm with the great majority of its economic products such as immature endosperm, mesocarp pulp, tuberous seedlings obtained only from female palms.
  • The Palm tree (Palmaceae) have been termed the princes of the vegetable kingdom.
    Most palms are a straight, unbranched stem, but sometimes a branching stem, or even a creeping vine, such as the rattan.
  • Palmyrah is generally propagated by direct sowing at the time of monsoon.
    Palmyrah thrives well in arid zones and it is a tree of sub-tropical region.
  • Palms, unlike broad-leaved woody trees, complete stem caliper growth before beginning substantial height increase.
  • Palms have been cultivated in Hungary as in most Central European countries since the Baroque Period.
  • Palmyrah palms are found in abundance in the Peninsula. In some places they grow wild and in others they are cultivated.
  • Mechanisation has become a buzz word in oil palm industry of Malaysia over the last two decades. It is commonly recognised as a means of solving increasingly acute shortage of labour in the plantation sector.
  • The Palmyra, Coconut and Sago Palms throw outspathes during the flowering season. When these spathes are tapped, exudation of the juice begins.
  • Many palm species have been tapped throughout the tropical world in order to produce fresh juice (sweet toddy), fermented drinks (toddy, wine, arak), syrup ("honey"), brown sugar (jaggery) or refined sugar.
  • Climbing Technique is used to identify the different parameters regarding the harvesting of sap from date and palmyra palm trees.
  • The African oil palm is used in Africa for producing wine mainly through two different techniques: one is destructive (incision of stem apex of felled palm) and is preferred in Ghana; the other is not destructive (excision of male inflorescence)
  • Modern propagation of date palms is based on tissue culture. This technique is essential for the rapid propagation of a large number of trees and
    is the basis for the modern date palm industry.
  • It has been ascertained from a survey that about 22 lakh Palmyra palm trees, 10 lakh Date palm trees and 1 lakh Sago palm trees exist in orissa.
  • The State of Orissa has occupied the second position in the country, after Tamilnadu, in Palmgur Industrial activities.
    It has been estimated that a single Palmyra palm tree can yield Neera, gur, fibre and palm leaf articles worth of Rs.600/- per annum.
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  • Consultant from California
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  • Land suitability assessment for date palm cultivation in the eastern nile delta, egypt using an automated land evaluation system and gis
  • Palmyrah - the tree of life
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  • Desiccation effects on germination and vigor of King palm seeds
  • Growing palms
  • Identification of RAPD markers linked to sex determination in palmyrah
  • Mechanisation in oil palm plantations
  • Crystal sugar making
  • Identification of shared allergenic components from four common and dominant pollen taxa of Arecaceae
  • Palm Tree Seed Germination, Growing Palm Trees from Seed 
  • Development and testing of a portable palm tree pruning machine
  • Fermentation of rice using yeast isolated from coconut and palmyrah sap


  • Palm fiber
  • Sterilized Palm Juice
  • Palm leaf extraction
  • Current palm products
  • Pottery pieces


  • Trade leads of Palmyrah
  • Palmyrah suppliers
  • Palmyrah exporters
  • Palmyrah sellingleads
  • Palmyrah tradeleads
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  • Buyers list


  • Fertilization of date palm tree
  • Constraints of Oil Palm Production in Ife Central Local Government Area of Osun State, Nigeria
  • Axillary shoot production in micropropagated date palm
  • Palm Production
  • The African Palm
  • Growth habit
  • Socio-economic microbial process strategies for a sustainable development using environmentally clean technologies
  • The Potential of Tapping Palm Trees for Animal Production
  • Decline of date palm trees in Egypt
  • Harvesting Sap from Date Palm and Palmyra palm in Bangladesh
  • Isolation of Fonsecaea pedrosoi from the shell of babassu coconut in the amazon region of Maranhao Brazil


  • The Kalimantan Border Oil Palm Mega-project
  • Model project on cultivation of oil palm
  • Study on Properties of Particleboard From Pith of Palmyrah Palm
  • Developing an Eco-palm market in North America
  • Palm Tree recovery & replanting project


  • Antenna support structure with palm tree skirt
  • Artificial palm tree
  • Device for banding branches of a palm tree
  • Use of fats derived from palm trees to increase dermal hydration
  • Portable personal palm tree
  • Palm tree skinning and trimming apparatus


  • Palm Management in the Amazon Estuary
  • Common Sense Pest Control
  • Integrated pest management for the control of red palm
  • Musim Mas Best Management Practices in Oil Palm Cultivation & Processing
  • Pest Management Practices and Chemical Use in Florida's Ornamental Plant Nursery Industry
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  • Energy (bio-diesel) demand is a major driver in the palm oil chain
  • Heart of palm (Palmito)
  • Management strategies of elaeis guineensis(oil palm) in response to localized markets in south eastern Ghana
  • Palmgur Industry - Key to Rural Economy


  • Palmyrah development board annual report
  • Hidden treasures of Palmyrah
  • People play cool with palmyrah fruits

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