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  • The reaction of h-phosphinates and secondary phosphine oxides with amines and alcohols proceeds highly stereo specifically to give the corresponding coupling products with inversion of configuration at the phosphorus center under the Atherton−Todd reaction conditions.
  •  This finding leads to the establishment of a general and efficient method for the synthesis of a variety of optically active organo phosphorus acid derivatives from the easily available chiral h-phosphinates and secondary phosphine oxides.
  • Racemic acyl phosphinates and formyl phosphinate hydrate were used directly as the substrates in a proline derivative catalyzed cross aldol reaction with ketones.
  •  Because of the preexisting the phosphorus stereogenic center, a mixture of two diastereomers of the
    corresponding α-hydroxy phosphinates were obtained in this reaction.
  •  Good to high enantio selectivities (up to 99% ee) were obtained
    simultaneously for both of these two diastereomers in good yields.
  •  Good diastereo selectivities were also obtained when the reaction  generates an additional carbon stereogenic center
    α-Hydroxy phosphinic acid
  •  Derivatives, such as α-hydroxy phosphinates, have been shown to be very important enzyme inhibitors.
  • Hydroxy phosphinate-derived peptides have been used as the inhibitors of human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) protease and renin.
  •  Also these compounds have found use as GABA antagonists herbicides.
  •  With the exception of phosphinic acids, the phosphoryl group in other phosphinic acid derivatives, such as phosphinates, generally are chiral because the pentavalent phosphorus atom has a tetrahedral structure.
  • Enantiomers due to such phosphorus chirality may have totally different biological activities
  •  One enantiomer was found significantly more herbicidal than the other enantiomer or the racemic mixture.
  •  This finding evinces the importance of the phosphorus chirality in the biological activity of the phosphinate compounds.
  • Thus, developing an asymmetric synthesis for α-hydroxy phoshinates that can fix both the stereo chemistry of the α-hydroxy-substituted carbon and the phosphorus stereogenic centers during the synthesis is very important.
  • Such a method is expected to have the potential of lowering production costs and use rates, reducing the side effects, and lessening the environmental burden during the manufacture and application of these materials.
  • Besides the enzymatic resolution of racemic hydroxy phosphinates and the synthesis starting with  phosphonates or α-hydroxy phosphinates, only a handful of chemical methods are available for the synthesis of optically active hydroxy phosphinate
  • Hydroxy phosphinates was developed on the basis of a proline derivative-catalyzed asymmetric aldol reaction of ketones and α-keto phosphinates or α-forms phosphinate hydrate.
  •  Both the newly formed carbon stereogenic centers and the phosphorus stereogenic center were fixed during the aldol reaction.
  • Alkylation of h_phosphinate esters under basic conditions
  • Phosphinates
  • Cyclic five-membered phosphinate esters as transition state analogues for obtaining phosphohydrolase antibodies
  • Organophosphorus
  • Organocatalytic enantio selective synthesis of both diastereomers of α-hydroxy phosphinates
  • Phosphinates, the flame retardants for polymers in electronics


  • Calcium hypophosphite
  • Cesium nitrate
  • Calcium phosphinate (Calcium hypophosphinate)
  • Iodine
  • Lead nitrate
  • Multi-component mixture
  • Potassium nitrate
  • Sodium nitrate


  • Borane complexes of the H3PO2 P(III) tautomer: useful phosphinate equivalents manufacturing process
  • The mutagenic potential 4-fluorophenyl methyl (phenyl) phosphinate
  • Sodium hypophosphite
  • Product trends. trends on finland,2007. phosphinates (hypophosphites) and phosphonates (phosphites)


  • Synthesis of alkyl phosphinate salts
  • Antiviral phosphonate analogs
  • Dinucleoside phosphinates and their pharaceutical composition
  • Flame-retardant impact-modified battery boxes based on polycarbonate
  • Legand exchange thermo chromic systems
  • Low molecular weight phosphinate and phosphonate containing polymers
  • Method for producing aluminium phosphinates
  • Poly(tantalum phosphinates)
  • Polyphosphoric acid compositiuon having a reduced viscosity
  • Preparation of homoallyl alcohols
  • Synthesis of alkyl phosphinates salt and bis(alkyl)phosphinate salts


  • Alpha-functionalized phosphonyl phosphinates: synthesis and evaluation as transcarbamoylase inhibitors.
  • Copper phosphates and phosphinates with pyridine/pyrazole alcohol co-ligands
  • The synthesis and characterization of copper(II) phosphinate coordination polymers
  • Design, modelling, synthesis and biological evaluation of
    peptidomimetic phosphinates
  • Dinuclear and tetranuclear cages of oxodi phenylantimony phosphinates
  • Synthesis and evaluation of some novel phosphate and phosphinate derivatives of area.
  • Revisited synthesis of aryl-h-phosphinates
  • Solid supported synthesis of phosphinates via palladium (0) catalysed coupling reactions.
  • Synthesis and evaluation of a polyamine phosphinate and phosphonamidate


  • Enantioselective Synthesis of Phosphinate Derivatives
  • Ligand-Tetrahydrofuran Coupling in Cheated Aluminum Phosphinates
  • Sodium phosphinate uses
  • Phosphinated Monomers from Tartaric Acid and Benzoquinone.
  • Sodium phenylphosphinate

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  • Barium phosphinate basic information
  • Ethyl (2,4,6-trimethylbenzoyl) phenyl phosphinate
  • Manganese hypophosphite hydrate
  • (R)-1-phenylethanamine (R)-(1-(((benzyloxy)carbonyl)amino)-2-methylpropyl)phosphinate
  • Zinc phosphinate chemical properties,usage,production

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  • The 2007 import and export market for phosphinates (hypophosphites), phosphonates (phosphites), phosphates, and polyphosphates in australia
  • The 2009 import and export market for phosphinates
  • The 2011 import and export market for phosphinates
  • Ammonium phosphinate (cas 7803-65-8) market research report 2012
  • Halogen-free polyamides and polyesters for electronics egg 2008
  • The world market for phosphinates (hypophosphites) and phosphonates (phosphites)
  • Sodium phosphinate (cas 7681-53-0) market research report 2012
  • The world market for phosphinates (hypophosphites), phosphonates (phosphites), phosphates, and polyphosphates: 2011 global trade perspective


  • Asymmetric hydrogenation of di and trisubstituted enol phosphinates with n,p-ligated iridium complexes.
  • Phosphinates flame retardants
  • Phosphinates can provide fire resistance in polyamides and polyesters
  •  Potassium phosphinate
  • Sodium phosphinates
  • Xian derfer co ltd
  • ZincINC(II) and cobalt phosphinate polymer with low-temperature flexibility


  • Synthesis Of alkyl phosphinate salts - patent 4590014
  • Stereo specific coupling of h-phosphinates and secondary phosphine oxides with amines and alcohols: organo phosphorus acid derivatives
  • A new generation of flame retarded
    polyamides based on phosphinates

  • Phosphinates as new electrophilic reagents for cross-coupling reactions
  • Prodrugs of phosphonates, pohosphinates, and phosphates
  • Stereo specific coupling of h-phosphinates and secondary phosphine oxides with amines and alcohols
  • Structure-based design and synthesis of phosphinate disasters
    of phosphotyrosin
  • 1-hydroxy-1,1-bis(H-phosphinates)




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