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  • Phosphonates are also known as  phosphonic acids
  • They are organic compounds containing like C-PO(OH)2 or C-PO(OR)2 groups  R denoted as alkyl, aryl.
  • Phosphonic acids are well known and  effective chelating agents.
  • Phosphonates are effective  water-soluble.
  • Phosphonic acids are only sparingly soluble in water.
  • Phosphonates are not volatile and are poorly soluble in organic solvents.
  • Naturally occurred  phosphonate is  2-aminoethylphosphonic acid.
  • An important industrial use of phosphonates is in cooling waters, desalination systems, and in oil fields to inhibit scale formation.
  • Phosphonates are also regularly used in reverse osmosis systems as anti-scalants.
  • Phosphonates in cooling water systems also serve to control corrosion of iron and steel.
  • They serve as "peroxide bleach stabilizers" in pulp and paper manufacturing and in textile industry  by chelating metals that could inactivate the peroxide.
  • Consumption of phosphonates was 56,000 tons worldwide - 40,000 tons in the US, 15,000 tons in Europe and less than 800 tons in Japan.
  • Phosphonates are also used to treat "sudden oak death", which is caused by the fungus like eukaryote Phytophthora ramorum.
  • Toxicity of phosphonates to aquatic organisms is low.
  •  In  phosphonate degradation nature bacteria plays a major role.
  • Aminophosphonates can also be used as sole nitrogen source by some bacteria.
  • Phosphonates are present mainly as Ca and Mg-complexes in natural waters and therefore do not affect metal speciation or transport.
  • Phosphonates can also be synthesized via transesterification reaction catalyzed by organic catalysts.
  • α-aminophosphonate is prepared by condensation of benzaldehyde, aniline, and trimethyl phosphite catalyzed by Copper triflate in a one-pot synthesis.
  • The utilities of alpha-aminophosphonates as peptide mimics, haptens of catalytic antibodies, enzyme inhibitors, inhibitors of cancers, tumours, viruses, antibiotics and pharmacologic agents are well documented.


  • Environmental chemistry of phosphonates
  • Phosphonates as additives in Kraft pulping
  • Phosphonates
  • How we design phosphonate products
  • Cublen phosphonates
  • What are phosphonates
  • Transformation of phosphonates


  • Alkaline earth metal Phosphonates
  • Application of Water
    Soluble Phosphorus
  • Phosphonate testing
  • Phytophthora and Phosphonates
  • Biodegradable Polymeric Matrices
  • Sequestrants
  • Using Phosphonates Effectively to Control
  • Phosphonates utilization in marine
  • Detergent related applications


  • Phosphonates-Accepta
  • Diethyl phosphonate
  • Dimethyl phosphonate
  • Potassium phosphonate
  • SiMAG-Phosphonate
  • Aliette-Phosphonate
  • Tetradecyl Phosphonate


  • Understanding the Phosphonate products
  • Phosphonate products
  • Organic Phosphonate Salts


  • Phosphates and phosphonates
  • Aryl phosphonates
  • Chlorine -Bromine mixtures
  • Novel phosphonate based compound
  • Phosphonate decomposition by chlorine


  • Dissolution of Calcium
  • Quantitative Analysis of organic phosphonates
  • Degradation of Phosphonate
  • Phosphonates and Their Degradation by Microorganisms
  • Phosphonates
    onto goethite


  • Synthetic organic compounds and the toxic metal ions
  • Risk assessment of phosphonates
  • Phosphonates-HERA
  • Phosphonate LR1-Toxicity
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  • Suppliers from Bangalore
  • Suppliers from China
  • Suppliers from Gujarat
  • Suppliers from Pune

Turnkey Providers

  • Turnkey provider from Canada
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Raw material suppliers

  • Aminoethyl Phosphonic Acid and its Suppliers list

Company profiles

  • Company from Gujarat
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  • Company from  Gujarat
  • Company from Maharashtra
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  • Consultancy from International
  • Consultancy from London
  • Consultancy from New York
  • Consultancy from USA
  • H-Phosphonates
  • Phosphonates Producers Feel Energy Pinch-2004


  • Phosphonates occurrence and utilization
  • Treatability study summary for phosphonate removal


  • Alkyl-Phosphonates a modular approach
  • Cage Complexes With Phosphonates
  • Review of Phosphonates


  • H-phosphonate synthesis
  • Antiviral Activity of Adenosine 5-Phosphonate
  • Synthesis of triazoloacyclonucleotide phosphonates
  • Hydrolysis of Phosphonates
  • Synthesis of phosphonates
  • Novel Metal Phosphonate
  • Phosphonate Ester
  • Synthesis of novel
  • Synthesis of Amino-phosphonates
  • Zirconium Phosphonates

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