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  • Polyamide resin is a kind of micro-molecular polycondensed by vegetable oil unsaturated fatty acid dimer and polyamine.
  • Its molecule contains active group, hydroxyl group and amide.
  • It is the best curing agent and plasticizer for epoxy resin, with excellent adhesion property, flexibility, water resistance, wear
    resistance, corrosion resistance, and insulation property, etc.
  • It can be used in printing industry to produce solvent type printing ink for soft plate, surface printing ink for plastic and hot-melt
  • Polyamide resin, which has been widely used as a curing agent for epoxy resin, is formed by the condensation reaction between dimer acid and polyamine, and contains reactive primary and secondary amines in its molecules.
  • Caprolactam, a core product of the UBE Group, is used as a raw material for polyamide fiber and polyamide resins.
  • The present world production of Caprolactam is 3.5 million MT per year. About 80% of this goes for the manufacture of Polyamide
    fibres and 20% for the production of Polyamide resins.
  • Dimer acid–based polyamide resins are either reactive or nonreactive (i.e., they lack amine functionality).
  • Reactive polyamides are utilized primarily as curing agents for epoxy resins used in surface coatings and adhesives.
  • Nonreactive polyamides are used predominantly in hot-melt adhesives and printing inks.
  • It is widely used in all kinds of metal and nonmetal such as aluminum, steel, iron, ceramic, rubber, wood, glass, cement, glass
    reinforced plastic together with other epoxy resin.
  • It can also be used as casting agent to cast all kinds of machinery components and seal electronic components.
  • It is widely used in chemical antisepsis, cohesion, coating and so on.
  • Polyamide resins are durable and have excellent friction/abrasion resistance and oil/solvent resistance.
  • For these favorable characteristics, polyamide resins are widely utilized for industrial materials.
  • Polyamide resins find wide use as binders in printing inks for flexogravure application on certain paper, film, and foil webs and in hot-melt, pressure-sensitive, and heat-seal adhesives for leather, paper, plastic, and metal.
  • The main polyamide resin type, in addition to the liquid resins used as epoxy hardeners, is that prepared generally by the condensation reaction of diamines with di- and polybasic fatty acids.
  • Thermoplastic polyamides are similarly used in formulating glossy, abrasion-resistant, overprint varnishes.


About Polyamide

  • Effects of saliva and nasal secretion on some physical properties of four different resin materials
  • Microwave absorbing properties of activated carbon fibre polymer composites
  • Rapid synthesis of oligodeoxyribonucleotides III. Effect of added carboxylate ion on the efficiency of internucleotide bond formation. Solid-phase synthesis of the dodecanucleotide
  • Parison Formation and Inflation Behavior of
    Polyamide-6 During Extrusion Blow Molding
  • Rapid synthesis of oligodeoxyribonucleotides 1l. Machine-aided solid-phase syntheses of two nonanucleotides and an octanucleotide
  • Polyamide for Flexible Packaging Film
  • Study on heat resistance Anaerobic adhesive which expands when post cured


  • Polyamide resin
  • Polyamide resin, and polyamide resin compositions
  • Molding polyamide resin composition
  • Epoxy-modified polyamide resin
  • Resin composition comprising polyamide resin
  • Film retardant polyamide resin composition
  • Plated polyamide resin articles
  • Crystalline aromatic polyamide resin composition
  • Semiaromatic polyamide resin composition

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  • Company Profile 1
  • Company Profile 2
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  • Company Profile 7

Company Profiles

  • Company from USA
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  • Another company from USA
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  • Company from USA

Project Information

  • Project Overview
  • Development of Spherical
    Polyamide Fine Powder
  • Project , Technology , Cost
  • Plant from Iran
  • Plant from China
  • Turnkey from Germany
  • Turnkey from India
  • Turnkey from US
  • Turnkey from USA
  • Turnkey from UK


  • Consultant from California
  • Consultant from India
  • Consultant from UK
  • Consultant from USA
  • Consultant from New Zealand


  • The Development of New Polyamide Resins for Easy-to-Manage hair
  • Midline Fractures in Single Maxillary Complete Acrylic vs
    Flexible Dentures
  • Printing ink technology and manufacture
  • Polyamide resins for laminating inks
  • Laser sintering of stainless steel powder using resin powder
  • Production of 3D Structures in Printing


  • Luvotix® P 25 X
  • Alcohol soluble polyamide resins for surface printing applications
  • Crayamid 140
  • DuPont Zytel® HTN
    high performance polyamide resin
  • DOMIDE G-0930
  • Durethan BM 240 H Polyamide Resin
  • Specifications for
    Polyamide Resin (PA Resin)
  • Non Reactive Polyamide Resins
  • Curing Agent
  • UNI-REZ® 2142 Reactive Polyamide Resin
  • Zytel® HTN high performance polyamide resin
  • Versamid 125

Material Safety Data Sheet

  • Rilsan BMV BLK T Polyamide Resin
  • Emarex™ Polyamide Resin
  • Aliphatic Polyaminoamide
  • Polyamide Resin
  • Clear Pillar Base
  • Rilsan (R) Aesno Polyamide Resin
  • "ZYTEL" Polyamide Resins
  • Polyamide Resin MSDS


  • Polyamide Resins Suppliers
  • Selling Leads of Polyamide Resins
  • Exporters of Polyamide Resins
  • Polyamide Resins suppliers and manufacturers
  • Polyamide Resins Selling Leads
  • Suppliers of Polyamide Resins


  • Market Overview
  • Market Outlook
  • Market - Europe
  • Market - India
  • Market - USA
  • Caprolactam report
  • Curing Agents for Epoxy Resin
  • Company annual report
  • Automotive Sector
  • Resins technology adapts to
    changing market conditions

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