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  • Phosphates are divided  into four primary groups they are Orthophosphate, Pyrophosphates, Tripolyphosphates and polyphosphates.
  • The polyphosphate is used for  kaolin production, water treatment, food processing & preservation.
  • Phosphate is the raw material of polyphosphate.
  • It is a blend of phosphoric acid and other compounds or elements. when the two corners are shared the polyphosphate may have present linear chain structure or a cyclic ring structure.
  • It is an effective agent that prevents the natural iron in well water comes from staining concrete, other porous surfaces brown.
  • Kaolin production, water treatment, food processing and preservation are used in polyphosphates.
  • Pyrophosphate pH 1 in Normalized Polyphosphate Rate Constant is 2.3 x 10-2 and the error is 0.1 x 10-2 within one hour.
  • It cannot significantly improve the eating quality of fish even though claims in this respect are often made.
  • Technical and food grade phosphates and the polyphosphates are manufactured from phosphoric acid and which it is initially derived from mined processed phosphoric rock.
  • The phosphoric acid is created into two ways one is wet processing and dry furnace processing.
  • It dissolves precipitated mineral scale that already exists in water distribution lines.
  • Two chain polyphosphate called pyrophosphate and  300 - 400 orthophosphate is condensed to a short.
  • It provide many functions including the sequestering of iron and manganese and with the alkali earth metals such as magnesium and calcium.
  • It is an excellent liquid fertilizer that is commonly used for an agriculture.
  • Poly refers to multiple phosphate molecules linked in a chain and a single phosphate molecule is called orthophosphate.
  • Very less levels of polyphosphates range is 1-10 ppm and it interfere with crystal growth.
  • Polyphosphates are capable of complexing with these heavy metals and greatly reducing their the
    activity towards chlorine.
  • Determination of polyphosphate
  • Characterization of a biodegradable polyphosphate
  • Inorganic polyphosphate is essential for long-term survival
  • Ortho-polyphosphate corrosion inhibitors
  • polyphosphate and scale control


  • Msds of ammonium polyphosphate
  • Date sheet of ammonium polyphosphate
  • Msds of sodium polyphosphate glassy
  • Msds of sodium polyphosphate
  • Msds of Ammonium Polyphosphate Liquid

Manufacturing process & Products

  • Polyphosphate -free formulation -the future in automatic dish wash
  • The mechanism of action of polyphosphate
  • Production of polyphosphate
  • How is polyphosphate manufacture
  • Product of ammonium polyphosphate
  • Manufacture ammonium polyphosphate
  • Polyphosphate crystal solar heating system filters
  • Manufacture stpp sodium try polyphosphate
  • Water soluble ammonium polyphosphate


  • Inositol polyphosphate 2-kinase genes
  • Process of manufacturing stable ammonium polyphosphate fertilizers
  • Method for producing dinucleoside polyphosphate
  • Oral polyphosphate compositions
  • Poly phosphate functionalized alkyl polyglucosides
  • Process for the preparation of ammonium polyphosphate
  • Stabilization of polyphosphate
  • Polyphosphate urea solution and process of preparing same

Raw material suppliers

  • Raw material suppliers of phosphate
  • Suppliers from India
  • Suppliers from China
  • Suppliers from China1
  • Suppliers from China2

Company profiles

  • Company from China
  • Company from China1
  • Company from China2
  • Company from China3
  • Use of polyphosphate accumulating organism
  • Development of polyphosphate parameters
  • Evaluation of use of polyphosphate in water industry
  • Rationale for use and functionality in seafood and seafood products
  • The use of phosphate for portable water treatment


  • The effect of polyphosphate additives on campylobacter survival
  • Effect of polyphosphate and foam addition
  • Polyphosphate exerts differential effects on blood clothing
  • Effect of melamine polyphosphate on thermal degration of polyamides
  • Effect of polyphosphate treatment & electrical simulation
  • Effects of phosphorus on polyphosphate accumulation


  • Final report on polyphosphate
  • Uranium stabilization through polyphosphate injection
  • Polyphosphate-an ancient energy source and active metabolic regulator


  • Inorganic polyphosphate & polyphosphate kinase
  • Detection & quantification of polyphosphate
  • Pyrolysis gas chromatographic studies on polyphosphate esters
  • Review of polyphosphates as additives and testing methods
  • Study of polyphosphate hydrolysis


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