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  • Pomegranate pericarp (peel, rind) contain
    Phenolic compounds like punicalagins, gallic acid,Tannins catechin, EGCG, quercetin, rutin, anthocyanidins, other flavonoids
  • About 50% of the total fruit weight corresponds to the peel, which is an important source of bioactive compounds such as phenolics, flavonoids, ellagitannins , and proanthocyanidin compounds , minerals , and complex polysaccharides . Significant variations in organic acids, phenolic compounds, sugars, water-soluble vitamins, and minerals of pomegranates have been reported by various researchers.
  • Pomegranate fruit is a rich source of two types of polyphenolic compounds: anthocyanins
    and hydrolyzable tannins, which account for 92% of the antioxidant activity of the whole
  • Pomegranate seed is a residue obtained from pomegranate juice production, ranging between 40 and 100 g/kg of fruit weight
  • Tannins, high-molecular-weight plant polyphenols, are divided into 3 chemically and biologically distinct groups: condensed tannins or proanthocyanidins, hydrolyzable tannins or elagitannins , and gallotannins
  • Tannin is prepared from the shell of pomegranate and used it in oil production, as well as, in skin industry and in medicine
  • Pomegranate peel analysis shows fluctuating rates of
    total polyphenols, condensed and hydrolyzable tannins between the different cultivars, but they are
    considered higher than those found with other plants.
  • The main coloring agent in the pomegranate peel is
    granatonine which is present in the alkaloid form Nmethyl granatonine
  • This compound gives colour to the dye. Its study will
    enable us to understand the structural chemistry of
    the coloring compound.
  • Bioactive compounds from pomegranate peels, flowers, leaves and seeds might be potential resources for the development of antioxidant function dietary foods.
  • Two sequential water extractions has the economic and safety merits, and can be used as an environmentally friendly method for producing antioxidants from the Pomegranate peel
  • Process Technologies Available for: Phyto Chemical Separation Systems for Steviosides, Tannins, etc. with the machinery supplier
  • Consultant in India has done project of Tannin Extraction from Pomegranate Peel and waste
About Pomegranate  based Products
  • Potential of Pomegranate and Its Products
  • What the pomegranates Contain ?


  • The chemotherapeutic potential of pomegranate against some cancers.
  • Antimicrobial Effect of Pomegranate Peel Extract
  • Dyeing with Natural Dye Extracted from Pomegranate Peel
  • Cattle feed
  • Dyeing properties
  • Oil Removal using pomegranate peel powder
  • Properties of pomegranate peel extracts


  • Pomegranate peels tannin extractions
  • Removal of tannin from pomegranate juice
  • Total Tannins
  • Extraction of phenolic composition
  • Pomegranate peel -extraction method
  • Quantification of total phenolic compound
  • Peel and Seed Extracts Using in Vitro Models
  • Hydro-alcoholic extracts of peel and rind and juice
  • Fruit rind extraction
  • Colorant from the Rind
  • Extraction - Lab Scale
  • Ethanol extract
  • HPLC Analysis
  • Peel powder preparation & applications
  • Preparation of encapsulated pomegranate peel extract
  • Research Findings
  • Tannin - research abstracts

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  • Manufacturer of Tannin from pomegranate peel
  • Pomegranate Peel Extract Powder
  • Pomegranate Extracts and Seed Oil

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