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  • Potassium Fluoborate (KBF4) is a white crystalline salt material. It is offered in granular and fine powder.
  • KBF4 is a key ingredient in grain refining salts for aluminum, and can be used separately or combined with Potassium Titanium Fluoride (K2TiF6)
    to form a grain refining flux.
  • A dissolution process was tested as a possible solution aimed at recovering both silica sands and potassium fluoborate. Some laboratory tests were
    performed in order to single out the best operative conditions to obtain high quality products and raw water saving.
  • Potassium fluoborate is a fine, white crystalline salt that is typically used in applications such as grinding wheel additives, flame retardants in polyurethanes, oxidation inhibitors in magnesium foundries and grain refiners for aluminum with potassium fluoride as a component in fluxes.
  • Potassium fluoborate is also used as a cleansing flux for nonferrous metals like aluminum and magnesium.
  • Potassium fluoborate is a common ingredient in refractories that are pressed or formed into complex shapes for the nonferrous casting industry.
General & Process
  • Potassium fluoborate
  • Recovery of exhaust magnesium sands: Reclamation plant design and cost analysis
  • Fluoride accumulation in leaves due to boron containing fertilizers
  • Manufacture of potassium fluoborate
  • Production of potassium fluoborate
  • Process for the preparation of potassium fluoborate

Company Profiles & Consultants

  • Company from China
  • Company from Chennai
  • Another company from China
  • Company from Hunan
  • Company from India
  • Company from Pennsylvania
  • Consultant from India
  • Consultant from California


  • Plant from China
  • Plant from India
  • Plant from New Delhi
  • Plant from Shanghai
Material Safety Data Sheet
  • Potassium fluoborate
  • Potassium Fluoborate >99%
  • Material safety data sheet for potassium fluoborate
  • Safety data for potassium tetrafluoroborate
  • Potassium fluoborate MSDS
  • Potassium Fluoroborate Material Safety Data Sheet

Product & Applications

  • Potassium Fluoborate
  • Product of potassium fluoborate
  • Potassium fluoborate technical data sheet
  • Product information of potassium fluoborate
  • Industrial applications of boron compounds
  • Potassium tetrafluoroborate
  • Nuclear power programme report
  • Report of chemical group
  • Potassium fluoborate suppliers
  • Selling leads of Potassium fluoborate
  • Exporters of Potassium fluoborate
  • Potassium fluoborate suppliers

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