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  • Potassium fluoride is the chemical compound with the formula KF. After hydrogen fluoride, KF is the primary source of the fluoride ion for applications in manufacturing and in chemistry.
  • It is an alkali halide and occurs naturally as the rare mineral carobbiite. Aqueous solutions of KF will etch glass due to the formation of soluble fluorosilicates, although HF is more effective.
  • Potassium fluoride is prepared by dissolving potassium carbonate in excess hydrofluoric acid. Evaporation of the solution forms crystals of potassium bifluoride. The bifluoride on heating yields potassium fluoride.
  • Potassium Fluoride mainly affects the upper respiratory tract and can cause breathing difficulties, cough or mild respiratory irritation.
  • Contact of potassium fluoride with eye can cause burn, redness, lachrymation or swelling of the tissues. Though it can cause only irritation on skin contact, if ingested it can cause burns to mouth as well as throat.
  • In chemistry potassium fluoride comes under the category of alkali metal halides.
  • An alkali metal halide comprises of an alkali metal and a halide. Alkali metals belong to the group 1 elements of the chemistry periodic table.
  • These are generally crystalline solids and are soluble in water. Potassium Fluoride is a good example for a typical alkali metal halide.
  • Potassium Fluoride is widely used for etching of glass, insecticide formulations as well as a flux for soldering. It is also used as a preservative.
  • Potassium Fluoride has immense application in organic chemistry, of which, one notable application is the conversion of chlorocarbons to fluorocarbons.
  • Potassium fluoride is also used in the manufacture of optical glass. Although potassium fluoride is being used as a fluorinating agent in chemical synthesis, this is also used in the preparation of catalyst in certain reactions.
  • A citable example for this is its use for catalyst preparation in the manufacture of alkyl benzenes.
  • Potassium fluoride has many a uses in the field of manufacturing, synthesis and refining. It is mainly used in the metallurgical industry for tin plating and soldering fluxes.
  • Other important use of potassium fluoride is in organic chemistry as a fluorinating agent to replace other halide ions like chorine, bromine etc.
  • Potassium fluoride is also widely used as a catalyst in the manufacture of polyurethanes. It is also used as ingredient in the manufacture of pesticides and insecticides.
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Company profiles

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  • Potassium fluoride stabilized ammonium nitrate and method of producing potassium fluoride stabilized ammonium nitrate
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Raw material suppliers & Market

  • Hydrofluoric acid
  • Potassium carbonate
  • China's market report


  • Ion spatial distributions at the liquid-vapor interface of aqueous potassium fluoride
  • An Efficient Method for the Synthesis of Phenacyl Esters by Reaction of Carboxylic Acids
    with α-Bromoacetophenone Promoted by Potassium Fluoride
  • Dual-Host Approach for Liquid-Liquid Extraction of Potassium Fluoride/Chloride via Formation of an Integrated 1-D Polymeric Complex
  • Significantly Enhanced Reactivities of the Nucleophilic
    Substitution Reactions in Ionic Liquid
  • Preparation of an evidence report identifying health outcomes upon which Dietary Reference Values could potentially be based for
    magnesium, potassium and fluoride
  • Potassium fluoride doped fluorapatite and hydroxyapatite
    as new catalysts in organic synthesis
  • The effective use of fluorides in public health


  • Selective role of potassium fluoride in DMF
  • Effect of potassium fluoride in electrolytic solution on the
    structure and properties of microarc oxidation coatings on magnesium alloy
  • Engineering Database of
    Liquid Salt Thermophysical and
    Thermochemical Properties
  • Investigation of the Phase Stabilling Effect of Potassium Fluoride on Ammonium Nitrate
  • Inhibition of Aflatoxin Synthesis by p-Aminobenzoic Acid, Potassium Sulfite, and Potassium Fluoride
  • Production of fluoridated salt
  • Corrosion Resistance of Plasma-Anodized AZ91 Mg Alloy in the Electrolyte with/without Potassium Fluoride

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