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  • Potassium bifluoride is the inorganic compound with the formula KHF2.
  • This colourless salt consists of the potassium cation and the bifluoride (HF2-) anion.
  • The salt is used in etchant for glass.
  • Sodium bifluoride is related and is also of commercial use as an etchant as well as in cleaning products.
  • KHF2 is very dangerous reagent.
  • The aqueous solution of KHF2 is weak acid, but if it is exposed other acid solution or basic solution, hydrogen fluoride gas is generated and the gas is very toxic.
  • It is a colourless tetragonal or cubic crystal with slightly acidic smell and relative density of 2.37, mp 225C.
  • It is easy soluble in water, insoluble inalcohol.
  • Itsaqueous solution is acidity.
  • It is stable in dry air, but decomposes to release hydrogen fluoride in humid air.
  • It gives of HF when heated to 310C, and the steam pressure of hydrogen fluoride could reach 0.10325Mpa(l atm) at 400C 
  • The activity of fused potassium bifluoride is greater than potassium fluoride
  • It is toxic and caustic.
  • The salt was prepared by Edmond Frmy who decomposed it to generate, for the first time, hydrogen fluoride.
  • Potassium bifluoride is prepared by treating potassium carbonate or potassium hydroxide with hydrofluoric acid.
  • Potassium Bifluoride is a water insoluble Potassium source for use in oxygen-sensitive applications, such as metal production.
  • In extremely low concentrations (ppm), fluoride compounds are used in health applications.
  • Fluoride compounds also have significant uses in synthetic organic chemistry.
  • What is KHF2?
  • Thermal Conductivity of KHF2.
  • Technical information


  • Msds for potassium bifluoride.
  • Msds for potassium hydrogen bifluoride
  • Safety sheet for potassium bifluoride
  • Msds for potassium fluoride
  • Msds for silver brazing rod
  • Safety data sheet for brazing and soldering alloys
  • Msds for white brazing flux
  • Data sheet for potassium bifluoride.


  • Potassium nitrate
  • Chemical entity data page for potassium bifluoride
  • Details for KHF2
  • Suppliers of potassium bifluoride
  • Manufacturers of potassium bifluoride
  • Selling leads of potassium bifluoride
  • Exporters of potassium bifluoride
  • Suppliers list of potassium bifluoride
  • Potassium bifluoride suppliers


  • Respiratory Health Effects Caused by the Proximity to an Industrially Polluted Area of the Arieş River Basin, Transylvania, Romania
  • Hydrogen fluoride
  • Unusual kinetic behaviour in cathodic H2 evolution from KF.2HF melts at mild-steel and alloy electrodes
  • Electrostatic energy of KHF2
  • Strain anomaly and orientational disorder in the tetragonal phase of KHF2

Manufacturing process

  • Equation

Raw material suppliers

  • Potassium hydroxide
  • Hydrofluoric acid

Company profiles

  • Company from Beijing
  • Company from China
  • Company from Zhejiang


  • Consultancy from Noida
  • Consultancy from Florida
  • Online1 consultancy
  • Online2 consultancy


  • Methods for making XFnH2O2 compounds
  • Methods for prevention of surface water contamination and air pollution by fluorine compounds from phospate plants
  • Process for the removal of arsenic in the manufacture of hydrofluoric acid
  • Aluminum brazing sheet
  • Steep absorption edge filter glass
  • Process for hydrogen fluoride separation


  • Ion transport in alkaline and earth alkaline hydrogen fluoride
  • Preparation of bistrimethylsilylmethylniobiumtetrafluoride and the application of KHF2 and n-Bu4NHF2 as fluorinating reagents
  • Isotope analysis of oxygen in rocks and minerals,KHF2-CoF3 methods for the liberation of oxygen from silicate and oxide-minerals
  • Application of potassium tetrafluorobromate to the rapid
    decomposition and determination of noble metals in chromites and
    related materials
  • Red and Deep Red Emission from Cubic K2SiF6

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